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  1. Guys still trying to find confirmation on the stock Spring pad size? Either that or I I'll have to sandwich new ones on the existing ones on the drivers side. Thanks
  2. lovely touring!! Whats the spec on the wheels mate?
  3. For anyone struggling... finally sorted this. I removed the plastic blanking panel behind the light for easier access (the panel that would contain sunroof controls if one is fitted) thanks
  4. Holy crap! That's expensive, I read online that bmw only charge about a fiver?!
  5. Hi guys, just nudging this to save making a new thread. Are the standard spring pads for a 330ci sport 5mm front and rear?? Need to level off mine so want to make sure I am getting the right replacements thank you JD
  6. You still got this dude? Finding it highly inspirational for my topaz project which csl reps are they? Ie: where from as I'm going 18" myself.
  7. So today I have replaced all interior lighting with led bulbs as per the eBay kit and have followed how to etc. ... But I have become completely stuck when it comes to the central overhead light which is now loose as a result of me desperately trying to pry it away. The location of the two tabs to supposedly pop it out appear to be a myth as I cannot for the life of me get it down and now I have a loose light unit :(!!!!!!! Irritating end to an irritating day
  8. Daz. You are a star! I looked in eBay but somehow missed that. Got one ordered Thank you all
  9. Fair reply lol. After something online if possible for ease of getting hold of it
  10. Hi all looking to purchase a clubsport gearknob to replace the worn out wooden one currently in my 330ci anyone able to point me to a trusted seller as I can't seem to find anything online? Many thanks
  11. Also are b4 shocks the best option? Seems confusing with the shocks don't want to fit lowering springs then shocks that bump the height up https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331282060868
  12. Hi all just found out I have a cracked rear Spring so upgrade time whether I like it or not https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230556968325 these the correct sportline kit? Photo shows black springs but it does state red in description (for my 330ci sport) also is there any way of my testing the current shocks? If near the end of their life I'll go with some bilsteins many thanks
  13. Any shots of these with dipped beam on? You have done a cracking job there fair play!!
  14. Thanks for those!! looks so so much better. Is it literally any old spray paint? Surprised it works so well on fabric
  15. Really?!? Any pics from anyone that has done this? Would like to freshen mine up
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