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  1. Glad to hear it Gaz, paint certainly looks fantastic in that picture
  2. BJV Engineering charge me £150 for a set of four, chemical stripped/blasted/powdercoated, tyres back on and balanced. And they collect and drop off from my home address! There seem to be a lot of wheel refurbers that charge £60+ per wheel which to me seems hugely expensive.
  3. Any updates on the paint Gaz? Have you had a chance to machine it and did it come up well?
  4. Oh mate I came in hear to check if you got your coils fitted yet and find this Glad you've made some progress and hopefully a happy ending is in sight. Absolutely gutted for your ordeal though Gaz and the mind boggles at the mentality of some lowlifes. So... Are the coils on yet or not?!
  5. If not is has to be RS4 (B7) Avant I want one so bad but decent ones are still £25k
  6. Congratulations Mikey! Christ your gun must be loaded with the potent stuff... Mrs Winfield seems to forever be pregnant these days mate! Good on you both though, happy times and a nice healthy brood to keep you both busy! What you thinking next then? M3 Saloon surely! I'm all good fella. Moved into our new place and enjoy married life big-time. Think we'll crack on with kids within the next year too, which is exciting. Just want one more selfish year of being a married couple! EDIT - Haha Simon! No time for that these days mate. Too much house stuff to do. In fact I'm paying someone to fit my coilovers which I would have always DIYd previously!
  7. Hello Zoners! Apologies for not being around or posting for ages, I do most of my posting from work and they randomly blocked this sites URL... Apparently this site has a 'URL reputation score of under 127' which means nothing to me (?) but is the reason I'm barely on these days. So is everyone all good? Anyone changed cars (except Jay of course who I expect has been through another 5 E46s in as many months )? Any big trouble happened to have brought the reputation of this website below 127 LOL! Just wanted to drop in a check all is well. Keith
  8. I wrote that before you replied to the other thread where you explained you had already sent it. I can't blame you for Royal Mail's incompetence (I'm forever buying CDs through Discogs and I'd say 1 in 20 gets lost). Recorded would be an idea, seeing they are more than £7.50 in value. Please get another sent ASAP, I'll pay the extra for recorded if you wish. @Blair - shame about the quality.
  9. What was the tracking details as we haven't had it?
  10. ETA of the Calendar back-orders too please? Paid and been been waiting since January Sam. If my car wasn't in it, I would have demanded a refund weeks ago. It's not on at all Sam.
  11. Sam, I'm still waiting on my calendar which was bought and paid for in January. It's mid March now and my Calendar month is long gone. You said a few weeks back that you were going to get some more printed & sent out. What happened? 'Busy' isn't good enough when people have paid money. This is a pi55take now mate. Please get one out ASAP. Regards
  12. I always put down my real job, Engineer, which seems to be high 'risk'. I have heard teacher is one of the lowest risk and really good for premiums.
  13. M3 Vs 330d. In a nutshell. In my experience the M3 fuel bills will be twice as much for the journey the OP states. Annual costs in maintenance/servicing will be (give or take a little) double too - servicing is often twice the price and intervals are much shorter compared to the dervs. Tyres are more expensive and you get through them quicker, brakes are considerably more expensive etc.
  14. That is mullered! The soft option Nappa wears really badly. The textured and thicker Dakota Leather wears really well in comparison. My mates 330d sport leather looks awesome, and that's on 112k miles.
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