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  1. Guys, Off to Prague on Thursday for a stag.. Staying right in the centre, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent places to go? Clubs etc.! Any tips as well would be helpful!
  2. Congrats on the new purchase Bob... I'll have to keep an eye out for it...I'm in a 320d saloon now with a big rusty passenger side wing! Hopefully see it in the metal soon..
  3. I was considering this when I had my coupe.. Was going to take it to http://www.jcweldfab.co.uk/ who are local to me and I've heard few people take their rs4s/m3s there and reasonably priced. London wise, The only places I would've took my car too are style dynamics in hayes, pro fusion customs in heathrow
  4. I had many places mess around with my 4 wheel alignment and no-one could get it right.. Bit far for you maybe but I would take it to Hounslow Tyres. £50 regardless of how many adjustments there are. They were the only ones who could sort it out
  5. Guys, Is the swap relatively easy? Also, how much do you guys reckon I should be paying for some? Not really bothered if they are leather or not, as long as they are sports seats!
  6. Thanks... Is there any xenon-style bulbs?? This new saloon is on a budget but thought it would be rude not to have some angel eyes lol If I can get some bright white/xenon style bulbs then i dont mind getting some led angel eyes
  7. I sold mine for £4500 but that did have 130k on the clock.. But it had 19s, swirl flaps removed, poly bushes all round. I miss it already!
  8. What is the best option for angel eyes and bulbs etc.. Wouldn't really want to do angel eyes without some sort've HIDs or Xenons... What are the options? And are they easy to fit in the saloon?
  9. Bit of an update to the thread as it has been a while and this will probably be my last update before I sell up :-( Not something I really want to do but can't justify keeping it now I hardly do any miles and I'll probably put the money towards an e30 project I have just bought! My alloys were in very bad condition as you can see.. A week later and £220 lighter, I had them refurbed into a Hyper silver powder coat so less shine but a lot more durable! I thought this was a good opportunity to buy some centre caps along with some 3d domed resin plates (Thanks to FullHouseCustoms) and I also smoked the top of the rear lights.. I also put on some new rear shocks and RTABs and wow, it definitely improved the ride!..
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, just need to work out a price for how much they're worth!
  11. By no means trying to advertise but having a brain wave at the moment to potentially sell my car as I don't do as many miles anymore. I only just refurbed my Cades tyrus 19" in powder coat so do you guys reckon I should just sell the car complete or sell the wheels and try and get hold of some standard rims? Can't be sure of the condition of standard wheels I purchase so don't want that to cause me to struggle to sell the car!
  12. Guys, One of my rings have blown so it looks a bit silly atm... Is anyone local to me or within a hour's distance who has done it before? (Kettering) So somewhere in the Midlands or Northampton/Milton Keynes Just need to unseal the headlight, replace the ring and seal it back up but I don't feel too confident doing it myself!
  13. Nice updates Jat, shame you've had a few problems.. I incurred a few problems with mine and it makes you fall out of love with the car!
  14. I would keep the red or buy an M3!
  15. Up to you really...if your not doing many miles then a e30 but for me to buy an e30 it would have to be a 325 sport tech2! Don't know many people who have an e30 these days as a daily though
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