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  1. what do I install first? cable drivers or inpa or 1 of the others?
  2. Thats exactly the same email they sent me, I'll give it another go!!
  3. I sent them 5 or more emails and no reply until I told them that I would put it all over facebook and on every BMW forum! the next day I received an email from them saying my emails had gone to their JUNK BOX!!! trouble is the email only stated the same as whats on the sheet that comes with it
  4. How did you manage it mate, I've tried on my old laptop running W7 but it never got past connect cable part, I thought it was the laptop so been out and bought a new 1 (needed it anyhow!) it's running W8.1 but it still gets stuck at the same point HELP!!!
  5. Try swapping over the rear sensors if your speedo stops works then you'll know which one is broke
  6. If your speedo has stopped working too then it'll be rear left abs/speed sensor, easy to fix, only tools you'll is alan keys and to remove your wheel, some will say take it out and clean it, it didn't work for me, but you could try it
  7. Tymm

    INPA ?

    I've already got the bmcables 1
  8. I've bought 1 and can't connect it to my laptop????
  9. Tymm

    INPA ?

    I've got a 2000, 2006 and 2007, but looking to update soon
  10. Tymm

    INPA ?

    I've bought the K+DCAN cable from BMcables but I can't get it to connect to my laptop?????
  11. Tymm

    INPA ?

    Thats a bit of a bummer, so I just been looking on e-bay for a cable laptop-obd, there is quite a few different ones, I need 1 to cover my E92, E61 and would be good if it covered my E46, has anyone got any good links for 1? Thanks
  12. Can you use INPA via a bluetooth OBD2 connector? Thanks
  13. Just like the title says Can you find out the colour type from the chassis number, the guy that bought my cosmos black 46 is wanting m-sport bumpers for it, without spraying them, he's been looking on the net but they only ever say black, but they do almost always give the chassis number, could phone them but was hoping to find out without the hassle TIA Tymm
  14. I'm pretty sure they can't, I've broke the clips on mine before, I drilled little holes in a few places and they use zip ties to keep it in place
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