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  1. My New 330D Msport Touring :)

    It's not his anymore, he sold it
  2. E92 help - iPhone connectivity

    Not all have media support, depends which version you have, if it's the older CCC system, they aren't great TBH What year is the car?
  3. New forum software rolled out

    Change to the condensed view and it's not as 'busy' on screen, you can also set your own custom stream, so I've done one for unread topics
  4. E46 coupe noisier than saloon ?

    The saloon has framed windows vs frameless in the coupe and the rear seats fold in the coupe, but in most saloons (it was an option) the rear seats are fixed with a metal panel behind. So yes, the saloon is quieter
  5. Which of these 3 tyres should I get ?

    The PS3's are the best tyre there, but I'd also look at Goodyear Eagle F1's
  6. Normal operating temperature

    Is 88-92 not the coolant temp? I didn't know you can get the oil temp on the OBC. You can only get that on the ///M models, that already have an oil temp gauge in place of the mpg gauge
  7. They're all interchangeable as far as I know, my E90 one looks the same as the E39 one, with a different insert (silver not wood). You can get other wood inserts, depends what colour the trim is? Example >>> They also do full wood look ones, there are loads of options on eBay
  8. Video was just to show others the illumination working, I'd not noticed there were 2 styles though, the newer one looks even better IMO Mine is quite boring, but it doesn't bother me TBH
  9. They do 2 versions of that later style shifter, a dummy one for looks or one that has all the functioning lights that change through P, R, N, D, like an OEM shifter, which is quite cool
  10. Anyone's car on Google streetview?

    My Nissan 200SX is on there, been a few years since they photographed our street though
  11. Steptronic box question

    All diesels have the GM autobox, early petrols have the ZF, later ones the GM
  12. Due to upgrading my handset over the weekend, I now have for sale my iPhone 5S, it is a 64GB model in Space Grey and has been used on O2, but is unlocked for use on any network. The phone is in great condition, it has lived inside a protective case all of it's life, so there are only very minimal signs of use. The screen has also had a screen protector on all it's life so is unmarked, I'll also include a spare brand new screen protector as well. Everything works as it should, no dodgy buttons, no dead pixels, or camera issues, etc, it's faultless! The phone comes in the original retail box, with a genuine Apple mains charger & lightning cable, sim removal tool, paperwork and brand new (sealed) earphones with microphone & remote, it is running iOS 9.0.2, with a factory reset ready to go... Photos of the actual phone >>> There is some slight marring of the polished chamfered edge, I tried to capture it by getting the light just right, there are also some light marks on the rear too, again not easy to photograph, in the flesh these marks are not obvious though and it still looks superb. I am looking for £300 ono, posted 1st Class Recorded via Royal Mail, thanks for looking *** SOLD ***
  13. E90's have more power, so they're not the same...
  14. Try Forshaw's BMW, I've used them for a few things