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  1. thats just about right although dont think any1 has been daft enuf to go for stage 4 just yet I know SEI/Ardika has the 1st Stage 3 M3 something crazy like 1000rwhp http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=536248 Its mental
  2. Basically if they are going to leave windows and seals in there is no expectation ofr them to remove body parts ie bumpers boot lid bonnet etc etc so that would leave like a 10/1 chance of it being not a crappy job but a pile of s**t because the paint will not meet up with seals etc etc so there will be a clearly visible line between door frame and window etc tbh at 800 quid id expect them to paint it on with brushes I'd go to a proper body shop and get a real quote expect 14 hundred plus for a strip sand primer paint laquer refit and a wash or just get a vinyl applied or like many others have said get a paint correction detail you say its a "garage" as in a mechanic or do you mean a proper bodyshop with spraybooths and stripping area and baking facilities and no not the mr kipling kind of baking
  3. Some laws are just daft Whats wrong with pressed plates? if you can read the letters/numbers then whats the issue? None of the mugs who have altered there reg's by adding screw caps and the like ever get bothered even though there reg's dont read what they should do so being illegal You got electric windows? Should roll em down when ever you see coppers then they cant see them (that does work in and around doncaster)
  4. told you its easy to do glad ure getting on with it
  5. Hey pal i can understand what you mean with your car looking like a corsa with red calipers but im sure people would know the difference eh? But each to there own aslong as your are happy thats all that matters am i right? Never think of a nice shiny yellow? Although saying that your car is a shade of yellow so may look a bit daft i know im going yellow when i eventually get another car!!!
  6. They look good in silver but to be honest with you i prefer them in red makes them more visible but maybe thats my eyes? Looks like a cracking job
  7. First off welcome to the site Now that corsa i like! and i hate corsa's usually but that looks quite kewl especially with the lush red interior and those merc alloys very swarve And your E46 is gorgeous love that colour with those alloys great job
  8. Hi sorry to hear about your damage to the motor have you looked at aftermarket alloys like a nice set of BBS LM's? http://www.harrisonmotorsports.com/shop/im.../LM_DSPK_sm.jpg for me it would be those or some CSL's!! both lovely sets of alloys and set a car off great Good luck find the right set for you Oh and go staggered
  9. I do like the look of that and great news about removing the ///M badge good job on the DiY refurb
  10. Think a sunstrip can look good esp when the rest of the car looks like this
  11. Firstly gratz on getting ya motor back get her valated treat her Now to business you say not worth getting a tracker because they can block them They are little fecking scrotes not randal bloody raines and his crew local yobo's from essex arent very proffesional obviously as they got caught 3 miles from the house it was stolen from with the same god damn plates. Its worth every penny getting a tracker especially a good one Just shop around and make sure its a company that will work 24/7
  12. Looks good on the skoda but on a E46? i doubt it as above get a CSL boot lid but each to there own
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