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  1. This still for sale? pics and price would be good
  2. already have and its sold....doh
  3. Is this still for sale, Been dying to buy this car, I'm hoping to be selling my car next week which means I'll be happy to snap it of you.
  4. Thanks s2....look forward to seeing everyone there.
  5. I'm hoping to be coming down for the sunday, is it ok to park on the stand still? also who is taking there car up the strip?
  6. What u doing at wimbledon? U going to be a ball boy?????
  7. whats eisemenn (i know i've spelt it wrong) or UUC like for exhaust and roughly how much are they for a cat back system?
  8. Hey thats mine!!! how did u get that pic!!! Right Secuity!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I work as Mortgage Administrator for a buy to let company...however i've been made redundant today so this will only last till july...
  10. StevieJay - awesome rims buddy good choice indeed Chris - Done any 10mph drifting yet??? lol u need to change those tyres asap...cause i know exactly what u mean about the wet
  11. Damn your car does look low!! i def wouldnt go any lower than that
  12. Cheers 330d_Dan I noticed a massive difference...maybe its just me then, so far everyone said 19s is not much different to 18s. Maybe if i buy a set with decent tyres with the right off set etc then it should be good.
  13. I'll be there...fingers cross regarding the stand!!!
  14. 10 cars.. I'm sure thats possible. I know santa pod aint till later in the year so i'm sure we can arrange somthing here in the meantime.
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