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  1. LOL.. Where in Essex are you from?
  2. Thanks. No, I wanted to ask how much he wanted for his plate.. Also good run.. It's a shame I had to take my exit. Yes it was the M3.. It's a lovely stretch of road.. I have never had any problems like that, but would of been scared if that was me. Couldn't of said it better myself.. I'm of a mixed background (White mother & black father) and grew up with idiots like your referring to.. There just wannabes.
  3. Roads between Portsmouth and Surrey allow for anyone to reach 100+ and maintain it .. Let alone those with high powered cars.. I never said that I was doing 130+ exiting the motorway.. I said that me and the driver of the M3 were doing 130+ on the said roads until I noticed my exit so I slowed and took another glimpse at his plate and exited.. Doesn't get anymore simple to understand than that
  4. Sorry? I can recall the plate it's just that me and the driver of the M3 were doing 130+ so I just glipsed at his plate before turning off at my exit.. I just wondered if the owner was on here.. No need for smart comments is there.
  5. I don't know, sorry injust saw the car on the motorway near the Esher A3 area.
  6. That could be it.. How did you find out it had no insurance?
  7. Yeah sorry about that, I just thought if he was on the forums he know who I was talking about..
  8. It was UR SLIOW, UR 5LIOW or UR SLOOW I can't remember and it was late
  9. Does the owner of this car use the forum? Silver BMW M3, bright blue xenons.. Number plate - UR 5LOW So does the owner use this forum? Nice plate by the way
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