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  1. Well I changed it but for 3.2 Quattro TT
  2. I'm currently insured with flux (they've covered the 357, 330 convertible & now TT) with few complaints. Prob cause they are cheaper than genuine ones.
  3. Swapped it for the TT today all I can say is I've wasted a year driving a car I hated! Loving the TT ?
  4. I had one of those from new (my only ever new car) and it was a dog broke down 24 times in 2 years!
  5. Sounds like your box has a problem, I loved the auto box in my 320d, just a shame it developed a fault no one could fix. I'd have bought my current 330ci in auto form if one as good had come up locally.Box is fine it just doesn't suit the torque less 330i I had one some time back in a 330d and it was lovely to drive
  6. I think it's safe to say I've not gelled with my 330 convertible to the point that I wish I'd never bought it, I dislike driving it so much that unless I'm going with my better half I always take the van! I just hate the auto box & the abysmal fuel consumption (much worse than the 357!) I've done less than 1200 miles in it in a year & 450 of them were going away a few weeks back. It's such a shame cause I love the look of it & love the convertible and can even tolerate the sloppy handling but not the autobox. I've only kept it so long because I can't decide what to replace it with. What cars haven't you gelled with & why?
  7. I think he's after an 8j front rim not a rear.
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