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  1. The Grand Tour

    100%. Scripts can still be very predictable in places, but I'm finding it much more bearable than the studio segments. More of this please, Grand Tour!
  2. What Your Current Mileage?

    2002 M3. Bought with 33k on in 2013. Just now clocked over to 60k.
  3. How much to replace E46 key?

    Did the same myself today cars currently stuck 125 miles away!
  4. Sky Broadband?

    I was with Sky but they were throttling my Usenet downloads. Ended up going with BT and haven't had any issues yet.
  5. In for me. There are pros and cons for both sides, but I feel the cons of leaving far outweigh the cons of staying.
  6. Pretty damning footage. What the hell were the mechanics thinking doing that to a customers car? There's a long thread here where the guy first posted about it:
  7. Bluewater meet Sat 29th August

    I'm definitely up for this if we think there'll be an OK turnout. What are Bluewater security like nowadays about meets?
  8. You can use the same argument for an M3 on the drive!
  9. I'll try this when I'm home. I've tried (what I thought was) everything to cure mine but no luck. I didn't even consider bit the seats attach to!
  10. Good purchase Bob and you made it look new after that polish. Roll on getting it fitted
  11. Couldn't agree more. Pod's still one of the best camping nights I've had. Those 'firemen' really weren't happy with our bonfire! The show really is a bit bland though. I don't think I even went in last time, camped and then left on the Sunday morning.
  12. The Clubsport Replacement.

    That's just teasing Daz! Car is looking great though, bet you're over the moon with it.
  13. When I was in Amsterdam last year it was crazy. We must have seen 20 Tesla's over the 5 days, they seemed to be everywhere. In comparison I've seen about 4 in London.
  14. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    Damn that looks nice. I love the carbon brace as well.