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  1. As above im looking to fall in love with my e46 again had her for nearly 6 years now. The interior is faded and worn (alcantara) If there is anything about please let me know Many thanks
  2. cheers tricks gaz and bunny gaz only back for week or summat mate then back out to mallorca til october bunny i went to universal studios in singapore the other day and you popped into my head cos went on the transformers simulator...i havent seen the films but the sim is epic!! saw a cool camaro the new shape in yellow with the same badge you have too
  3. yeah i thought that mate...just need to find a decent mot garage in my area now! thanks for that info mate
  4. cheers mikey all well with the motor? do you know how much they charge for inspection 2? and am i going to have to get an MOT before driving there as i wont have tax as its sorn at the moment?
  5. mate i cant wait to take it for a drive after the service and mot
  6. that estate looks nice bud yeah its nice to be away in the sun...just in bali at the moment for last week and then fly back from indonesia to dubai and then back to uk
  7. ive ordered from him also glad to hear they are good so i fit them when i get back to the uk and not expect any nasty surprises
  8. ahhh how much did the imola go for? i loved that motor just been travelling about mate do it every winter
  9. hey everyone as some of you knew before ive been away travelling for a few months so haven't made it on here so just thought id say hello again. i fly back to uk in a week first things first the car has been in storage so will be going in for an inspection 2 and then mot and tax again anyone know of any decent and good value for money garages to do the inspection around london/kent area? cheers all
  10. do it mate...will look great on most colours in all fairness... the wheels maketh the car
  11. i love the colour but dont think i would want it if ya get what i mean looks lovely though
  12. im well up for this mate. i should be fine for the said weekend so il keep up on this thread
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