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  1. Wanted - Style 71 Clubsport alloys

    I've got a set, will dig them out at the weekend and grab some photos.
  2. AFE Induction kit 330 ci Sport

    Here's some photos of the AFE kit during installation and once it was installed. Brilliant noise and probably one of the most complete kits on the market for the E46 when I bought it. Well worth it.
  3. 2004 330 Ci haunted!

    K-bus system. Would need looked at by a specialist and probably isolate different parts of the system to identify where the fault is, then trace wires back to fault. I'd guess it's a frayed wire as it sounds intermittent. I had similar symptoms that ended up being a frayed wire in the passenger A-pillar for the electric folding mirrors. cheers.
  4. My new 330ci clubsport

    Congrats on the purchase. Let me know if you are looking to re-fit the clubsport splitters. Think I have a couple of sets left in the garage somewhere. I see they are missing from yours.
  5. compact turbo

    just add file to the post instead of inserting image code from photobucket
  6. Alpine KCA-420i Interface Adaptor for Ipod Full working condition Comes with all cables required to interface with car or Intravee II. £40 + P&P Thanks.
  7. Genuine E46 M3 Strut Brace Sold
  8. Rare car no info

    Waiting for pictures of the car.
  9. Random lights

    Yeah, i had a similar fault a few years ago. Traced back to a frayed wire in the passenger side A pillar for the electric folding mirrors. Get it to a BMW indy specialist would likely be the best bet. Cheers.
  10. Random lights

    Sounds like an error in the K-bus system before you are getting random faults like that.
  11. I think you'll need to take it to a BMW specialist. I had a similar(ish) problem that turned out to be a worn wire in the A pillar on the passenger side.
  12. 2002 BMW Clupsport for sale - SOLD

    hopefully gone to a good home Cheers
  13. Clubsport won't start.

    bad earth perhaps when replacing starter motor? If the battery voltage is too low to start you'd likely get a loud clicking noise and dashboard flickering.
  14. Limited BMW - MG Edition

    it does have the BMW M47 2l diesel engine. But think the owner is pushing it by having the BMW badge on the boot.