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  1. Hello, iam selling my style 162's alloys with nearly new tyres. They are 8x18 front et 34 with 225 40 x 18 tyres and 8.5x18 rear et 37 with 255 35 x 18 tyres. They are all straight and true and recently refurbed. £650 ovno 07968 792028 max
  2. Hello, iam looking to sell my 330 sport 02 auto this weekend because ive found a new ride. Its got 101000 miles on it and nearly full history, every receipt kept since ive owned it and ive had it 4 years. Its got all the right bits uprated suspension and brakes etc etc. With retro fitted paddle shift from a smg m3. No rear floor problems and runs very well (quick) This car has been faultless all the time ive had it and wanted for nothing. Please call for more info cause iam borred of typing. ( please note the racing dynamics alloys have allready been sold, will come on refurbed style 32,s) Somebody buy this before i change my mind...cheers 07968 792028 max Have got other photos and can email them to you..£2250 ono
  3. maxis740

    13 mm Spacers

    Hello, iam still looking for some wheel spacers for my e46....Anybody got any they wanna sell? Cheers max
  4. maxis740

    13 mm Spacers

    Hello, anybody got any 13 mm spacers and longer bolts that they want to sell? I need four.. Many thanks
  5. Oh and are you on 225's front and 255's rear? Cheers max
  6. Hello pal, what size spacers are you running? Did you have them all machined down?
  7. Any issues with the handling?
  8. Yes pal, going to roll rear arches this week though..hopefully lol
  9. Hello, to get extra clearance at the rear has anyone adjusted their rear camber and had good or bad results apart from uneven tyre wear??
  10. Cheers pal. Has anyone adjusted their rear camber to full negative so their rear wheels clear?
  11. Yeah lowered on P.I. springs but my arches are still standard, hence the rubbing. Going to attempt to fold the rear aches back this week???
  12. Fitted these style 162's yesterday, well happy but got slight rubbing on rear arches? Running 255/35x18 rear and 225/40x18 front, they really fill the arches and look so wide....
  13. Finally got my wheels on, wanted a set of these ever since I brought my e46....HAPPY
  14. Miss the RD2s but kinda like the 32s aswell
  15. Hello, has anybody noticed that the editor of performance BMW has changed slightly? He's gone from seb to a lady called Elizabeth? Check this months issue and compare him/her to last months...see what I mean lol
  16. I had the same prob. it was the voltage rectifier on the back of the alternator, got one from bmw and comes with the bushes built in...My fault was it was over charging at about 18 - 19 volts and checked it within the hidden fuctions on the obd...
  17. Hello, I've not been on here for ages and missed loads. Anyway Iam looking at changing my wheels and fanice a swap for something interesting (style 162's maybe) Mine are Racing Dynamics RD2's 8x18 et40 with conti sport contact 215 40x18 front and 225 40x18 Michelin pilot sport 3's Rear. Slight stretch all round and perfect e46 fitment....
  18. Bolsover? Wow what a small world, I'm in Long Duckmanton! Well bloody el I was brought up at Ducky, lived down Beech Grove from 1970 to 83 and then in Holly House on Ducky hill untill 92 I've got mates all over Ducky, on rectory lane and in the village I live on Cherry Tree, just after Beech Grove, I'm surprised I've not seen you about. This is weird, I lived in ducky till i was 10. Staveley now. iam in New Whittington, lots of us up here?
  19. Put the last 7 digits of your chassis number into realoem.com and it'll tell you..
  20. Hello, iam after some BMW Style 162 Ellipsoid alloys off a e90/e92 3 Series (Cash Waiting).I've got some Racing Dynamics RD2's 18 inch if anybody fancies a deal? Many thanks............
  21. Good move mate, where did you get the supersport spring cups from????
  22. Not quite a car chase but that bit in 'taken' is pretty good.
  23. 19s for show, 18s for go.....
  24. I've seen the same ones on display in my local euro car parts today for £224.
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