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  1. I am indeed... whats up gents... long time and all that shizzle. Will be coming down for the camping and to give Aiden some abuse. Not fussed about staying on the Sunday as ive been a million times and i'm usually too hungover to see anything anyway. You will have to forgive me though, seeing as Tim now has my pride and joy, and my track car aint road legal anymore, i'l be coming down in the four ringed diesel sensible car. Oh the shame...
  2. LOL. Still checking in from time to time.... usually while a grab a bite to eat before i go start work on the house. Stealthy ninja stylee.
  3. Looking good Si! Fingers crossed this will turn out to be a good one for you.... track car FTW down the line 2!
  4. Looking good TImothy! Glad to see you got those zorst tips gleaming, again aplogies i didn't get around to doing those before you collected. I'm sure you will improve the looks again, will be interesting to see it evolve, i'm happy it went on to a forum member, and more importantly a member who i know will be meticulous in its care and upkeep (if i'm honest probably more so than me!) So the evolution starts here. From this: To this: Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
  5. I see what you are saying Matt, but Gaz is bang on the money dude, If i claim through my own insurance, i have to pay my excess (£350), until everything is finalised which takes months the whole thing is still classed as a possible fault claim which means my premium shoots up massively come renewal time which is only a month or so away. So not only do i not have to fork out for my excess but i also pay more for my premium and i don't get any of it back for months, i get to drive a s**tty little fiesta around for a couple of weeks (admittedly a car is car) and my car is repaired by the lowest bidder. - My car is still under warranty i only want it to be repaired by an Audi approved workshop using genuine Audi parts. Hate to say it but this seems to be the way insurance claims as a rule are moving forward. The day after i was contacted her insurer, and subsequently by a similar company instructed to contact me by the woman's insurer.<br><br>I am in the middle of a full house renovation and currently paying two mortgages and don't really relish the idea of being £6-700 down for 6 months to a year, and have that affect my premium for god knows how long.&nbsp; If it was me at fault then fair enough i would be happy to deal with my insurers, but as it wasn't i don't see why i should be so inconvenienced and financially hammered because she can't check her mirrors before reversing.&nbsp; I am not claiming for injuries, loss of earnings or anything daft, just to have my car put back to the standard it was before she decided to modify it for me..<br>
  6. Oh yes it will be getting a thrashing dude, be rude not to! Not blind mate but typical single white female middle aged ford ka driver... nuff said!
  7. Cheers guys. And cheers for the nice comments about the new motor for those you hadn't seen it. @ DJ Syxx Yes mate, type III's were sold on the car, i cleared out most of my other sets of wheels last summer, car went completely as it was with the exception of a new alternator and battery which decided to show its head on the day of the test drive! Not my month for cars obviously! Have to say, accident exchange have been spot on so far. Accident happened yesterday and was reported to them about 2pm. Today the claim is all sorted and a 2.0 diesel S-Line A4 with Nav is being delivered to me on Monday..... s**t hot service! Woman has accepted full responsibility, everything being done on her insurance, haven't had to pay any excess, car is going back to Audi for repair and my renewal in may won't be at all affected. Pain in the arse but they have made things much easier to swallow - i would highly recommend them to anyone involved in a non fault claim.
  8. Cheers guys, yeah this sucks the big one without a doubt, not even a month Si, not even ten days! Gutted. PS nice new sig daz
  9. Hey guys, i'm gutted... Just pulled up in Buxton to drop my mum off in town and some woman has reversed straight back into my new motor. Damage isn't extensive, but bad enough, cracked bumper, bent wing, snapped fog light recess and ripped the fog light out. Have been reading good things about accident exchange on evoT, apparently BMW UK recommend them for their cars under warranty. Anyone on here had any experience?[url=http://easigo.co.uk/]
  10. Sorry dude, missed this one first time round! Yeah have already taken some nice pictures of the floral carpets and tasteful wallpaper. (makes me feel a bit queezy) I've got one more wall to take down and one big ass RSJ to put in and then its pretty much back to brick. Then i can't start taking pics of all the nice things that go back in - should be a real transformation as it was previously owned by an old couple who maintained and cleaned everything to a ridiculous level, as a reslt nothing ever wore down or out so it was kinda like stepping back into a house 40 years ago. Yes Daz, Derv FTW and remap will definitely be on the cards at some point. Low fuel light has finally come on today, it only had just over quarter of a tank when i left the dealership in Huddersfield on Tuesday! Might even give Col and his Germany to midlands on one tank a run for its money. Yup wheels are 18's standard on black edition models. Nice, and don't show up the brake dust - need a spacer to sort them out tho me thinks.
  11. Cheers Gaz, The interior is indeed lovely. When i first started looking at them online i wasn't overly impressed with some of the interiors. To be fair they look a lot better in the flesh and the piano black trims really lift it also. The facelift also received a bit of a makeover inside with new instrument panel, climate control, and i love the wheel! Hey Aly, nah mate, never forget this place. Don't think you will be disappointing dude, had looked at a few before deciding on an A3 - there are some amazing A8's out there but i figured with the way petrol prices are going a big ol guzzling pimp machine would probably be more difficult to sell on in two years. What you thinking of going for? Alright Col! Still alive buddy, just about! Working hard but will be all worth it when its all finished. It is indeed awesome, and once i have a bit more cash to splash i will be knocking on your door for some extra nM. LOL. Alright Daz! Yeah, did have a look at the DSG one, from what i have read whilst the DSG version is one full second quicker 0-60, the MPG does suffer for it, and once i had decided MPG was going to be high on the priority list, 6 speed manual won the day. Congrats on your new appointment BTW. Hiya Si, yeah was gutted when i had to make the decision but have had the joy of M ownership for two years, and have no doubt once i've got the even bigger house and probably a couple of sprogs, there will be another M parked in my garage one day... even if its just a weekend toy. Yeah man, we will have to have another movie and beers night, got a new kick ass surround sound system for the new house so i'l kick the missus off to her mums again and we can get some quality movies and fine beers on the case again - GT5 sounds frickin awesome through it! Hi Trickster, Cheers buddy. MK will probably be my next meet, and pod possibly the only other one this year, got my work cut out fitting kitchens and bathrooms atm mate. Had initially decided on an E90 D however we then ended up buying a house in Macclesfield which means i will be driving the cat and fiddle road every day again (which incedentally they are now turning off the £800K average speed cameras they put up last year - score!) Wasn't too bad before when it snowed up here as i could walk to work but rear wheel drive and buxton snow = not a good situation! Hiya Scrim, Yeah man, tell me about it! Alright Keith, Vert is looking bang tidy on your sig mate. Needs indeed must - I NEED to get out of this flat and MUST have a nice house with drive and garage. You know how it is, blah blah blah i'm keeping this one totally standard cough cough remap cough cough wheels cough cough. LOL
  12. Good luck there mate. Cheers Chris, TBH neither had i until i started looking and reading up on them a bit. There are older pre-facelift black editions also but this shape really looks that bit fresher for me.
  13. Good man. Look forward to it too.... if you can take your eyes of Mikeys ass for five mins. LOL.
  14. Hey Mikey - Mr Moderator - congrats! Cheers dude, i'l be all over it. I'm mightily impressed and still haven't had to fill it from what was in the tank yet. Insurance has dropped by £600 too which is always a bonus!
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