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  1. As above, looking for one in the north west, budget isn't massive @ £1.5k Willing to travel
  2. Cash waiting for the right one
  3. Good grief the touring looks clean, love the steering wheel too. Awesome collection!!
  4. looks very nice , looking forward to getting back into an E46
  5. Been reading that due to the narrow power band on the diesels, an auto is the much better choice? Currently torn between Diesel / Petrol - do around 12k a year so not a massive amount.
  6. MPG will always dip at this time of year due to the temps dropping, just something to add to the mix.
  7. Hi all, Will soon be in the market for another E46 - I have automatically discounted the autos due to a previous bad experience with a auto car we had (Ok, it was a Smart ForTwo but still...) which had a bad habit of lagging at roundabouts etc How are they in an E46? Is changing the oil a straighforward DIY task? I am pretty sure Manual is the way to go for me but interest to hear from those with Autos.
  8. I always tend to price up oem against quality pattern parts , you won't got far wrong using ECP / carparts4less though. Local motor factors are always worth a try too
  9. Looking for the above, either petrol or diesel. Need to shift my current car (Clio 197) first , unless interested in a px. [emoji6] What have people got ? Pete
  10. Yes it is , will he my 3rd year too when I go in July
  11. That's what I thought. Yeah same thing
  12. Opening times havent been released yet for 2016 ??
  13. Style 44s - £100 pick up from BB5 only. Complete with tyres, 3 of the 4 will need replacing. Single Din fascia fitting kit, plus steering control lead for Pioneer headunit - £20 plus p&p Brand new item unopened. Bought it from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-3-Series-E46-Car-CD-Stereo-Single-Din-Fascia-Fitting-Kit-CTKBM07-for-Pioneer-/400551130630?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d42b53606 Sunglasses holder - £10 plus p&p Undertray - £10 - pick up from BB5 only. OE locking wheel nuts and key - £10 plus p&pSOLD Centre caps, not OE - FREE plus p&p These are in pretty poor condition but may be of use to someone. LED rear cluster units- £30 plus p&p SOLD Drop me a PM if you are interested. Pete
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