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  1. Cheers Chimp but would rather have them from UK if possible seems very expensive plus those are e39 mirrors for saloon/sedan
  2. Hi im after some M3/M5 or replica auto fold heated mirrors 12 wire for my 51 plate 330ci tried ssdd but 4 week waiting so does anyone know of anywhere else that sell them?
  3. So cani fit anyone of these then? http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/clutch-kit Is there a difference between the £145 one and the £125 can't see any?
  4. Hi Clutch went last night so am looking to buy a new one read a LUK one is the best to get hold of. i have tried eurocarparts but 2 are coming up if someone could give me a and on which one i need would be great. 51 plate e46 330ci Msport convertible manual 5 speed. thanks in advance.
  5. How about metal pressed plates, I'm about to buy some look great.
  6. Chimp thanks for all your help just ordered the one in the link you sent managed to get it for £275 with the bluetooth plug for torque ordered the same cables you suggested as well. couple more questions before i try and fit the weekend ( if it arrives ) 1. Do i have to mod the cable on this unit or was it fine without? 2. Where does the bluetooth dongle go? Thanks again mate been a big help will no doubt be in touch when i cant get it to work haha
  7. Just reading a little more into this unit. does this have to be connected to 3g / wifi hotspot to run the sat nav or is it install the app and then it will works offline like a normal sat nav?
  8. Chimp could you link the cables you brought for me please just don't want to buy the wrong ones. sorry I'm a pain in the arse haha
  9. Never even thought to use google maps. 5gb that seems decent for a mifi who's that with?
  10. Yea i can understand it may be tight ill buy some leads like you suggest then, once again thanks for your advice, Have you kept the sat nav that came with it or installed a different one such as igo ( reading that can be downloaded and is better than the basic one )
  11. No extra connections needed just plug and play? sounds like I'm going to getting the same unit as you ticks all the boxes and if its simple as you say i should be ok haha
  12. do the steering wheel controls work on yours?
  13. Also is this the same unit as yours? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271620758580?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. Thanks cheers mate I'm looking at the wiring on the back of these boxes how do you wire the steering wheel controls into it just looks like 2 single wires?
  15. I would not mind a reversing camera how simple is it to send the cable down to the boot? thanks for all your help to mate think i am going to go with the one you suggested.
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