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    My interests are my family, friends, my E46 Of course and training.<br /><br />My life is pretty much the way I want it right now!<br />:)

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  1. http://www.strutsdirect.co.uk
  2. So does anyone know a good place for more powerful gass struts?
  3. Did you lot not read the end?? "3) Finally, and most disturbingly, Jeff was not heard from again. I personally e-mailed him for permission to run his story on ZUG, but after an initial response, I never heard from him again. All of his Web sites have come down, and he is nowhere to be found. Jeff, wherever you are, this P-P-P-Powerbook's for you." The guy selling it dissapeared!!! :-/
  4. Yea....I do miss the good old days!! Yeeeeehaaaa!
  5. Jesus Christ!!! you hillbilly stalking half meat pastry snipping sadist ! You are funny though.
  6. Lmao, hey trucks are the way forward!! Your gonna hate it when I post up pics of it, it's getting a makeover
  7. Haha thanks for reminding me Soop!! Hey Mit, long time no chat!! all is well mate been run off my feet, sold the scooby and now have a pickup truck lol I know.....I know.....I'm running the risk of converting you all to pickups lol Got another nipper on the way too so it's all go in the steviejay house! How are you two geekoids anyway? you are allowed to threadjack this one because it's yours lol
  8. LOL @ this thread!! The dangers of windy boot lids!! God, is this what it's come too!? Where is the best place to buy the gass struts anyway because I need some strong ones too!
  9. BBQ? Food and drink? when is it buddy, you know how weak I am regarding a good smoke up!
  10. Nice M3! Hey quite a few of our members how M3's now, thats picked up a bit!, might have to get one myself now! lol
  11. Yea I needed those when I took off the center section of the exhaust actually! Let me know when your around, and we can have a little drag race then a roll on from the lights haha I'm curious about how much faster yours is....know it will be quicker, but would be interesting Yea the secret it the prep, I still think the proper soft cloths help no end, the microfiber silky ones just seem to give the paint a nice wet look when it removes the wax, rather than the cotton ones, they remove it but fail to leave the wet look.
  12. Your on. If I lose now I'll never live it down haha!
  13. Are those your black CSL rims in your avatar? those are pure sex mate!
  14. Well funny enough, I'm over on the Scooby forums, and am moderator already.........haha I must be made for the job! Richy, I used the Turtle extreme nano tec wash and wax Megs Quick Clay Turtlewax Color Restorer (black in my case) its the black coloured t-cut Megs NXT Liquid polish Megs NXT Spray detailer Then finally a layer of DODO Juice Wax........taken of with a microfiber cloth........the microfiber is the secret to a good finish in my opinion. And you also don't need to spend hundreds and hundreds on stupid wax's and voodoo magic crap thats not needed. Wynns wheel cleaner is the stuff to get, 1.5L for 4.99!, very good at eating all the crap, foams up like the autoglym stuff too. Thinking about it soon, Colin was gonna get back to me, missed his call the other day, got a block who has his tuned to 600bhp who might do it, he does them day in day out so might be the way forward. I miss the luxury of the Coupe........but this feels totally different, harder power, much more agressive, feels more stiff and harsh. Power surge is much better too, without a doubt faster, its a different kind of power though.
  15. Yo Bro! Yup its bin day....haha......took me 3 hours, wash, leather, clay, polish, spray polish, wax, tidy up.....not bad really! Black is so easy to get a mirror finish, silver is the hardest I reckon. How you keeping anyway mate, you well?
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