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  1. Ive got chassis numbers from early cars but I need to be 100% sure that the car has not got an EGR cooler otherwise the hoses will be wrong!
  2. No one got an early 320d?!!!
  3. HI Guys im after some help with parts! Im looking for someone with an early 320d without and ECR cooler. Im looking for the plastic radiator hoses but to get them I need a chassis number as BMW don't list two parts numbers for the coolant hoses for the two different cars. Im looking for a chassis number from a non egr cooled car so I can order the coolant hoses. Thanks in advance
  4. Ecs Bremo 6 Piston caliper brackets to fit the BMW 135i/Performance 6 Piston Brake calipers to an E46. Thesebrackets are very hard to come by as they only come as part of one of ECS's brake conversion kit. They are made of one piece of machined steel not welded or joined in anyway. hey enable you to fit 135i six piston calipers to an E46(non m3) using the standard 330i/D 325mm front disc and as the 135i uses the same size master cylinder as the E46 range they are perfectly match. Really is a great kit and ive had these brackets with the calipers on four E46's now and even with standard pads, which i found best! Work really well. Any questions welcome Sold
  5. Is there a forsale section on here? Been trying to sell some ECS 6 pot brembo caliper brackets on ebay but they keep getting bid on by idiots that cant read! Just thought that someone on here might want them?
  6. reason I didn't go to csl or m3 discs what ease and cheapness of new discs. Thats why I went with standard Also Porsche brakes are mono, unlike say Seat Leon Cupra ones Ive also got a funny feeling that the ones youve got are exactly the same as the porsche ones! Most porsche calipers have the same outter mono block housing and only really vary buy the piston size depending on what car and if they are front or rears Infact looking back at your pics they are the same as porsche ones, exactly! Be interesting to see what size the pistions are to compare the performance to others from Porsche
  7. The fuel computers lie! lol Work your mpg out fom the miles youve covered as mine always says more than i actually get! One thing that i found shocking is that the auto is is 25% less eeficiant than the manual, i knew it would be for obvious reasons but 25% I used to get well over 630 miles in my manual, combined and the auto only does 430-450 and i know that everything on the car is spot on before anyone suggets otherwise! lol
  8. Whats the sizes of the pistons on the AM calipers? They must be comparable to Porsche calipers as the make up is the same! I had Porsche "Big reds" on my Skoda and they were awesome but id say they werent quite as good as the 6's ive got now, often wondered what porsche brakes are like on an E46. As for discs! Im running standard 330 discs with the 135i 6 pots and my only gripe is you need 3mm spacers to clear the MV2's and even then youve only got about 2mm from the wheel. I found that using a bigger discs like a CSL front disc is better as it moves the caliper out and then there is no need for the spacers. Also someone mentioned about 325 carriers? they are different as 330's have there own unique carrier.
  9. Its the same no matter what 330d you have mapped, manual or auto, ive had both and love these cars but with the best will in the world they are temprimental to say the least and it doesnt help the the part of the car thats the link between the engine and the road is made by GM, what were BMW thinking! I hate Vauxhalls lol What people forget is that the car was never designed to take this much torque and thats the reason why the E9X's in twin scroll turbo guise only come as an auto and all the new F30's, if you want a 6 pot are all autos as it handles the torque better. It doesnt matter what one you get you will in time have problems with something at some point either its injectors, DMF/Clutch, Driveshafts, guildo coupling/center bearing, sirlflaps,inlet manifold or exhaust manifold. Did i miss any?? lol They are great cars but if its mapped and its abused it will break, its not an M3! and ws never designed to be. Both my manual and auto were mapped and ive had combinations of all of the above known faults at one time or another but for the price of the car and the running costs if you get a good one then they are priceless, especially when you over take an RS Ford focus on a B road! lol
  10. IMO they are all a big gimmick! After all when ever I was at work and had to clean an engine part we used a bezin bath with Diesel in it!!! The only reason posh diesel fuels are better is the fact they have a slightly high sulphur % thats lubricates the injectors and high preasure pump on diesel cars. Thats also why they say that you should use normal garage fuel in diesel cars every 4th tank or so if you normally use supermarket diesel, due to the low sulphur content.
  11. What also gets me is the way guys insist on putting 3 inch exhausts on everything! Ok I know the less resrictive the exhaust is the better for the engine and the power band and so on but there comes a point where you do no good by changing things and in some cases actually make things worse! Take the E30 M3 for example, it comes with a fairly large rear silencer, a center box and in most cases a cat. Remove the cat, center box and make the rear one smaller and you will see more sound more torque and more power up the rev range which is where the m3 has it anyway. But make the exhaust too large or remove the "X Pipe" and it can have not the required effect! Same with the 330D'd for example ive had a few now and had many different exhausts on the cars and yourll be supprised by the results!. needless to say that removing the cat makes a difference but taking out the center and/or rear only make a difference to sound not power.
  12. You can fit M3 calipers on a non but you need the hubs for the correct offset and the you need the suspesion arms due to the difference in outer baljoint size. The other way to to get the carriers for the m3 machined, From memory i think you need to take 6mm off the carrier to make them fit but dont quote me on that. The rears yourll need the whole trailing arm to get the hand brake working, the rear calipers and discs are a striaght fit but the hand brake shoes on the non M3 models are smaller so if you fit the larger discs the handbrake wont work hence needing the m3 arm with the backing plate to fit m3 shoes. Like has allready been said you dont need m3 brake theres not much over and above the 330 anyway just thicker fronts and slight bigger and thicker rears. If you were to change the front brakes from standard 320 and the like to 330 fronts only you will still notice a difference, ive done this on the two 320d's ive had. Its not really worth the hassle with the rears to be fair but if youve got the parts and/or the money then why not! 330 front and a decent set of pads(NOT EBC RUBBISH!) then yourll be happy
  13. Dont need to use 535D injectors as the flow rates on standard are perfectly good enough as they are and has already been mentioned you can get 330bhp ish with the right mods without changing the injectors. As for an EGR replacement! I wouldnt bother, it has no eefect apart from the fact that youve got a nice new bit under your bonnet and £50 less in your pocket. If you want to disable the egr just get it mapped out of the ecu and thats good enough, you get no extra flow or power from removing the standard one. Just be careful what map you use as some are quite agressive and although they feel fast arent ideal and maps like these WILL slip your clutch, if not straight away but with a few months especially if you drive it hard, Ive had 3 330d's and ive played with them all and you do find that they have thier issues! Like has been said Get the swirl flaps done first as this is no myth and they do break. The current 330 i have, i went to remove the swirl flaps and one fell out of the inlet manifold as i removed it from the car! Two of the 3 cars ive had were reamapped as manuals but one thing i found is remove the CDV as this will prolong the life of the clutch and in the case of my second car the clutch never slipped at all even after the remap.
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