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  1. As I said I just came across a post that was talking about the downforce on e46 models and started reading as you do, by the end I realised I now new more about the other e46 range on this point than my own car, so stupid me went down the rabbit hole and asked a question, O Boy wish I had left that dam rabbit alone now. I will email BMW and see what info they have, if I get a response I will follow up i feel it’s deserved.
  2. I think you may be right I will drop bmw an email, I believe they do answer these questions, I just came across a bloody post about downforce and my brain then wanted to know what and if the clubby did anything, I also find it had to believe that it’s just bolt on as the cost just to work out that you need a thinner undertray plus retooling costs for a limited run item just would not make sense. When I get a response I will fill you in.
  3. I love how the place just produces instant nobs. It has nothing to do with how you’re opinion differs, as that was not being asked for! you just saw other opportunity to stamp on another clubby owner. plus just because you think you are a LONG TIME E46 enthusiast does not mean you know everything, especially as you’re mind dismisses anything you’re brain does not like or maybe comprehend who knows?
  4. I know it was not just for show like everyone thinks, but that’s totally different rabbit hole I just don’t want here. I am just looking for anyone that knows what downforce it’s got that’s all, and I get what you’re saying about today’s clubsports being different, I also understand that a lot of the community does not like the clubby much but each to there own.
  5. Well momo you’re points are definitely a one sided view of the clubby, but don’t seem to help me answer my question! my problem is not if someone else doesn’t like them bits or doesn’t believe m division made them functional it’s just trying to find out how much downforce they give, if I wanted negative responses I would just turn and ask my teenager thanks.
  6. I know it’s late but that’s a tracker unit. The silver part is the tracker and the black part holds the back up battery. And yes they are just taped together. But it’s been put in a very lazy place.
  7. Just wondering if any one know this? From my research I understand the clubsport spoilers where not just slapped on! The M Division designed the rear spoiler to work in conjunction with the front spoilers and a special engine undertry, I have checked the undertry and find it is stamped with CS and it’s special order from bmw so I would say that sort of confirms it’s, but I cannot find anywhere the downforce figures. over on M3 cutters they say that the e46 has 100 lb of lift on the rear The M3/M Sport rear spoiler gives a remarkable 50lb of downforce The M3 csl duck tail gives 75lb of downforce The Clubby I just don’t know and that’s where my problem lies lol, I cannot know the downforce of cars I don’t own but not know the one about the car I’ve had for 15 years. Please help my brain cannot cope it’s a rabbit hole I wish I left alone lol.
  8. I had a set for an old e39, but not sure the old skool look, look's good on the e46
  9. I am having problems finding nice rims that are narrow I can get the alpina's for the right price
  10. I have been hunting round for some alloys to put some winter tyre's on, and got offered a set of Alpina's 17in 8j front's and 9j rear's from a e36 like this In good nick but no center caps, which is not too much of a problem as I have at least 3 in the garage, Will they suit the e46, I know it's only for winter tyre's but she still has to look nice Sorry I mean E36
  11. Hmm but don't powerflex give a very hard drive???? I had them on a ford and about put my spine out lol
  12. Right the time has come for me to buy my last bits for the car before I strip all the brakes and wishbones done to replace. But looking over the tinternet, it seems that people go for Lemforder or Meyle, so guys which would you buy if you where replacing all yes all your bushes and wishbones, please let me know why you would choose one over the other, or maybe a mix of them both???? Please NO OEM as they are S**T Hopefully this could help other people on here as well, as the bushes seem to be a big problem on the 46
  13. just let me know when you have some and I will buy buy buy
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