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  1. I had a set for an old e39, but not sure the old skool look, look's good on the e46
  2. I am having problems finding nice rims that are narrow I can get the alpina's for the right price
  3. I have been hunting round for some alloys to put some winter tyre's on, and got offered a set of Alpina's 17in 8j front's and 9j rear's from a e36 like this In good nick but no center caps, which is not too much of a problem as I have at least 3 in the garage, Will they suit the e46, I know it's only for winter tyre's but she still has to look nice Sorry I mean E36
  4. Hmm but don't powerflex give a very hard drive???? I had them on a ford and about put my spine out lol
  5. Right the time has come for me to buy my last bits for the car before I strip all the brakes and wishbones done to replace. But looking over the tinternet, it seems that people go for Lemforder or Meyle, so guys which would you buy if you where replacing all yes all your bushes and wishbones, please let me know why you would choose one over the other, or maybe a mix of them both???? Please NO OEM as they are S**T Hopefully this could help other people on here as well, as the bushes seem to be a big problem on the 46
  6. just let me know when you have some and I will buy buy buy
  7. we will have to see, striped and ebay'ed could make me some nice money back, but if I do we could talk
  8. If I do this the car will stay with me , the blood sweat and tears that I put into this, would be sure to make me never sell It is a idea, one I would love to do, but the loom's are my sticking point to say ok lets do it!!!
  9. It would clean up nice, nothing wrong with her, just been sitting about for 10 months, the cost of running her was killing me (an MOT and two need fog lights I think) Lol cup holders yep it has TMC fitted, really who use's TMC
  10. Lol would love to, before I even think about starting I need to know what I am letting myself in for This is going to be a big job me thinks, the engine and mounts and gear box, I can do, making both looms talk to each other is where I think I may have trouble Yep they are, but this one has a 4.6ltr, not sure what it's out off but I know it's factory. 18 months ago the heads went down and BMW shipped the engine back to Germany replaced heads and other bit's and shipped it back for FREE yep I said FREE (you may need to sit down now), as I said this one's a bit special only 5 made worldwide. But still not worth much more than a standard one in the uk, really who needs or want's a bullet proof car.
  11. Welcome, if anything I have seen from my early days on here, the help will be to hand
  12. Pic's you wanted pic's you shall get The Most important bit Apart from Folding mirrors and window blinds, I think this is all that is missing from the option list.
  13. That's the 4.4 me thinks No problems, and it just an idea at the min, but one I would like to do
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