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  1. Ok, i disagree, i have a 2004 320d and mine has the 17 pin round adaptor in it, i know this as i have fitted a parrot kit and steering wheel lead from connects2. So go figure, every advert for a facelift E46 says it should be flat pin but mine isn't!!
  2. Xenon, i have a 320d an it is running abit rough at low revs, i checkied the codes and, like yours, glowplugs were highlighted. I have been quoted £100 + plugs, which are about £13 each. It is a manifold off job, could DIY but, chance the plugs could break upon removal and i don't fancy having that pressure., lol. I think mine is definitely the plugs as i have a puff of smoke on startup if the weather is cold and the rough running....guess i'll find out when plugs are changed.....
  3. Kevster - Paulfoley30 is right, off with airbag ( detach battery!!), off with wheel, top and bottom column covers and iirc 3 or 4 screws holding stalk in place, just slides off, new one in and all back together.....honestly its is an easy job...i retrofitted one on my 320d, it didn't have one, bought off Ebay for around £10....... good luck
  4. Adrian, i have INPA working, although cannot get my head round it, and eventually have got DIS communicating with the car and have enabled the OBC which i installed but, when i go into CAR or KEY memory it fails to do anything....also if i go into DIAGNOSIS it will not work.... says there is a communication error...... don't really understand this as, i said, i retrofitted my OBC..... any ideas? Thanks in advance Simon
  5. Thanks Adrian, excellent post. I have followed your instructions to modify a kkl cable. I have installed dis v 44, no probs but cannot communicate with the car, i have read about com ports but don't really know how to alter the setting in the VM machine, did you have any probs in communication, or did you just plug into The cars connector and away you went? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. Looks good and neat. I have a similar setup, a swivel base and a Brodit holder but mine is mounted at the side of the radio, a little higher up from yours. As for the power to charge up your phone, i have installed a 12v socket underneath the gear change cover and tapped into the power source that leads into my existing cigarette lighter. I have then fed my iphone lead from the usb charger, similar to yours except mine is hidden away, through the sunglasses holder. That way i can tuck the charging lead out of the way as before, i was using the stock cigarette lighter with usb charger but i had wires all over. Much better now....
  7. Hi mine has two cup holders already in the rear seat arm rest. I replaced my sliding topped console for the two cupholders cost £38 from dealers including the coin holder. Looks smart.
  8. HI Delmarco, excellent post, as usual.... Just one questoin, did u order from Low Cost Audio? As it looks like a different company from your Ebay listing photo? If u did do u rate them as i ordered my Connects2 lead and still haven't recieved........ Cheers Simon
  9. Malcolm, here are instructions depending on year of car: http://www.jdmotorwerkes.com/BMW%20Retrofi...PDFS/3543en.pdf good luck, not too difficult......
  10. Malcolm, you need to install wiring hareness,part no., also cable no. Look at this http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?p=7547833
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