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  1. If anyone sees me on the road flash. Will tag along csnt mids a blue m3 with white alloys lol. Hehe.
  2. Forgot to clean mine. Might try and find a jet wash place near by.
  3. Fitted my old csl on. Been sprayed gloss white. Plasti dip lol. Will see it at santa pod. Tempted to go back to glpss black.
  4. Hey suf. Sos for late reply. Phone got stolen. Will explain later when I am free . Not sure what timr I will be leaving. Some of the guys I know are leaving at 5 am. Yikes. Suf you still have my number right. Can you text me please. As I lost it. Sorry.
  5. Just found out one of the guys I know. His m3 bumper for stolen. Great that's not good. Fck sake these ***** need to f**k off. Also worried as I found my number plate on my windscreen today after work. It was stuck on the bumper with 3m tape.
  6. Looks much better. Get some close ups. With it lowered it will look much better. Can't wait to see this at santa pod.
  7. Dropped the car on Tuesday. As I had brake caliper issues again. Also decided to go and buy a new set of alloys. I have gone for a set of Oz hamann pg1 in 18 inch. Need to sell the schnizter now. Time for a change.
  8. Looks so much better. Looking forward to seeing this at players on sunday.
  9. Car is back in the garage. Sticking calipers again. Got some spare ones off a mate. So will use that till. I get the big brake kit. Also going next door to get the issues I pointed out with the respray. Should get it back tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Worth more than the ps4 [emoji1] Sent from my Note 4 using tapatalk Bargain lol. Brother wanted one too. Mate got it for me as he owns a shop. Lol
  11. Bought a 40 inch. Unknown make for 180. Just to use it for the ps4.
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