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  1. Your bmw and the TT look epic!
  2. I've got one, the sonos 5, its ok, nothing special though (dad bought it) I would go for something different for the price
  3. I'm just going from experience, they made a massive difference to my brakes.... Why the hate?
  4. Fitted EBC red stuff pads to mine, made the world of difference, 100% recommend!
  5. heres a few i've done, feel free to add some if you've ever done any!! Let me no what you think
  6. Yeah ive slept with the back seats down, wasn't that bad tbh, didn't have a pillow or duvet tho just a coat. Take 2 duvets (one to lie on and one to keep you warm) and a pillow and your be sound. I'm over 6 foot and i could fully stretch out. if not sleep in the passengers seat as people have said. I've slept in my car 5 times at least at shows etc.
  7. No point in having the car if your not going to drive it properly ey!
  8. Brilliant day, thanks for everyone who turned up for the stand
  9. jazmo


    Yeah just turn up and pay on the door, and yeah you can put the new BMW on the stand
  10. jazmo

    Convoy To Dc12

    Remember were meeting at the petrol station on the a43 just before the show at around 8:25 with the intention of leaving at 8:35 so we all get in with each other straight to the stand, any problems before hand or on the day feel free to contact me on 07792396965
  11. Chrish please get some specs up of your cooler MY 330cd is full decatt'ed and remapped, and i had a play with an m3 on a private run way, and there was nothing in it up 140 mph, then i started to pull past him such a great feeling when I still managed 45mpg+ on a 100 mile journey!
  12. jazmo


    Were leave the services at 8:35 which gives us 25 mins which I cant see being a problem, I found the previous years the show isnt really fully set-up intill around 10am anyway. Any problems on the day feel free to text / ring me on 07792396965
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