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  1. B0B

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    And now it's Marlon Brando
  2. B0B

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    What's going on.? I used to to have an ACS door mirror as my thumb. Then recently I noticed it had been changed to the front of a yellow car. Today it appears to be some random blokes head?
  3. Congratulations on the new job mate. I'm lucky regarding physical work as since I've been losing weight I have chose the option not to drive the truck and load the bins at every opportunity (on average 2 to 3 times a week). as of Sunday my BMI is 25.2 so hopefully this week should see me not overweight ?
  4. No not yet mate, Not really done much to the car lately, I started to get into fitness/weight loss at the beginning of August as I was carrying 3st too much since I packed in smoking a few years ago. So the car has taken a back seat. Bought a rowing machine, changed my diet a bit too, feel so much healthier and I'm 2 and a 1/2 St lighter now ? i did fit the winter wheels and tyres today though.
  5. I did that with an iPad earlier this year.......roof was ok, iPad not so good
  6. I bought a set the other year that just needed a respray for £105.00 Sold them this year for £150.00 and they were in very very good condition. I would suggest they're worth between £75.00 - £100.00 like that but the broken one will put a lot of people off.
  7. I put a new 6 speed emblem and recovered my knob when I bought the convertible earlier this year.
  8. No they come in 5 and 6 speed flavours
  9. If the battery has been disconnected then you may need to reset the pinch sensors. When I first bought my convertible it was hit or miss if one or both of the front windows went back up from lowering /raising the roof. I followed this procedure (it took a couple of attempts) and it's been fine since.
  10. Aw man, they looked like they had plenty of tread in the middle too
  11. Turn ignition key to position 1, press tpws button and hold until the red light turns orange, go for a drive to recalibrate and the orange light will go out.
  12. Try eBay or a breakers hard as they just push in.
  13. I will have a top spec leather interior for a saloon for sale soon (once I have cleaned it made sure it has all of the door card clips and rubber washers) I retro fitted this into my old loon. It's from a 2004 individual, in black Nappa (the softest leather available, not the standard stuff), it has the individual pattern to the leather rather than plain, it's heated, electric and even has the electric lumbar supports/adjustment. It's also from the extended range and has real leather padded and stitched door arm rests. It literally is the best option available from BMW for saloon seats. Cost me £700.00 from Quarry motors and I will be looking for £500.00 as it is so rare in this condition/spec
  14. As no e46 left the factory with that size wheel I doubt BMW have any recommendation.
  15. So you and your car are "together forever" Rickas haha
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