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  1. Urgently wanted for a good mate of mine please get in touch if you have anything, a casing would be ok
  2. Dsport

    Clear out

    Having a clear out : 4x20mm hubsentric spacers with extended bolts removed from my E92 Sold E92 Led Drl Sold Alpine white touch up £10 posted Silver Hex rear ashtray £25 posted Hex front console £30 none idrive 1/2 a ltr of Coral red Dye and Sealant £15 Coral red passenger door handle has been dyed coral from black £15 posted Brand new aux belt and pullies for e92 320d SOLD E92 decota black leather door cards SOLD
  3. If they are the same ones that have been refitted the are TP ones they were originally 12mm but I had them machined down to 9mm as they were rubbing i had to take 3 mm of the hub flange as well for them to sit flush
  4. It's a 330ci back box with Audi A6 tips on it
  5. There are a few on Post 90 that have had the chains done free, personally I think a big contribution to the problem is the long life servicing, I bought a 2010 59 and it's not affected, they are well worth considering
  6. Yea I decided to sell the rear arches had 2 small bubbles on them and thought it was time to move on to something newer, I've got an E92 320d but don't really post on here anymore it seems to have died of death, I heard the lad who bought the 330 has got rid of it already not sure why it was a cracking motor, I've herd he has moved the 330 on agian good work on the 320d loving them wheels get some pics up
  7. Looking good Craig but I don't get why you had not painted like that, you may as well have painted the door as well so it will all blend
  8. Dsport

    E46 H/K +++

    H/K Parcel shelf sub/amp and Dsp mids,tweeters a lot better than standard fits coupe £25 the lot Drivers Window motor £10 Kenwood Krc 12" sub boxed and 800 watt Kenwood amp in good working order £30
  9. Autosmart twin head machine polisher, in good working order, variable speed, easy to use and has great results, has a few spare compound and buffing pads, SOLD
  10. Pair of Gloss black Csl style splitters for E46 front bumper, in gloss black £55 Pic before they were preped and painted SOLD
  11. I've come from an E46 M3 to a 330d and its running around 260/270 but plan to go more, There are 2 things I miss about the M3 the Lsd and the noise, I'd love a quaife but can't justify the cost
  12. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon buddy all the best
  13. I'm lost with your comments
  14. Hats off for having a go yourself instant improvement
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