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  1. Here is my car : Fmic, Hybrid Turbo,EGR,Decat,Swirl Flaps done,mapped around 300+ hp 1.7bar boost : All of the modifications made in Hungary, my friend mapped and built the Hybrid turbo. Running well last 6000 miles ago ! Maximum boost 1.7bar and still safe.
  2. Here is my car : Fmic, Hybrid Turbo,Egr delete,Decat,Swirl Flaps done,mapped around 300+ hp 1.7bar boost :
  3. Some spirited pulls with modded e46 330D Msport2 Touring : Swirl flaps removed,Allard Egr delete,Downpipe,Hybrid turbo,FMIC,+lot of modifications
  4. Is it any extra power noticable with the new Intercooler ?
  5. Guys,thanks for the advise, i wrote an email to SSDD.
  6. Hey all,I would like buy a good coilovers,but i don't know which one.. BC Racing or HSD ? I think in build quality HSD is better but +150 Pounds more,what do you think is it worth it the extra money or not ? CM7modder your CS is amazing !
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