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  1. Just stunning. What a gorgeous colour.(i might be wrong but I think this colour has been discontinued by BMW, I have not seen it since the E46.) How is the difference in noise between this and your 330?
  2. Wheels are just really tatty and I'll get them refurbished when I get around to it. I really do love this colour. Some as****e did this a few weeks ago.
  3. Just beautiful with those wheels. I really am not keen on standard M3 wheels.
  4. MrWhite

    New 4-series

    To those who say its ugly i guarantee when you see one in the metal you will think its mind blowing. For me this is like a downsized 6 series with much more attractive and intricate detailing. Great looking car imo.
  5. MrWhite

    New 4-series

    Each to their own. I think you'll find most people will think it's beautiful.
  6. MrWhite

    New 4-series

    OMFG, this is gorgeous. I have to own this car. http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/frankfurt-motor-show/bmw-4-series-revealed
  7. Hi all I am selling my 2001 325i sport but need to replace at least my nearside lower control arm, so i want to source a replacement at lowest cost possible, but not so low that its really poor quality. I have seen Delphi ones on ebay for around £60 - can anyone vouch for these? Also do i need specific M-sport part or are the standard ones the same? Thanks in advance
  8. Definately an improvement to have colour coded strips, especially with red, brings it more into line with the coupe looks. Not sure about black kidneys on a red one though.
  9. I thought they were still very sought after. They are a gorgeous wheel for the E46.
  10. Yup. Paid £200. I thought was a bargain, even if will end up costing me £260 including having one refurbed. As i said all four are in good condition with only small kerb marks. And with bridgestones that have at least a few thousand miles left in them. (well apart from one)
  11. I acquired from ebay: 4 x genuine BMW oem MV2 alloys with 4x Bridgestone Potenza tyres. I wheel has bad corrosion on the inside rim (although the outside is fine) and i've taken to be refurbished, the other three are fine with only minor scratches and kerbing. One tyre will be illegal so will be replaced with one taken off my existing MV1's. The other three tyres have good tread. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how much i paid? I guarantee you will be wrong.
  12. By the way, when were the subframe problems in these? Were they pre- 2001 cars? Would it therefore be wise to avoid anything older than 51 plate?
  13. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201302125302406/sort/default/usedcars/engine-size-cars/2l_to_2-5l/transmission/manual/fuel-type/petrol/price-from/2000/price-to/3000/body-type/coupe/model/3_series/make/bmw/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/100/postcode/ba24qn/page/4?logcode=p Looks good but it does set alarm bells ringing when they cant spell.
  14. No i dont like that colour either. What are the SE seats like? They look less supportive than the Sport spec ones. Dont mind high mileages at all, as long as service history good (although you dont really know that until you see it)
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