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  1. My preference is the Thule roof bars, once I'd fitted them a few times it only takes about 5mins. If you have the money I'd agree with Mcfly and the tow bar mount, they do look like one of the best solutions. Alternatively, check out the Saris Bones, a universal type rack but very adjustable and considered to be one of the best. I've personally seen them on a Z4, new beetle and merc slk, all awkward cars to fit racks to.
  2. Managed to get a couple of pics for you. There are 4 rivnut type fittings as you thought. From inside the boot the lower 2 are obvious and in the last pic you should be able to see the upper one hiding behind one of the parcel shelf skins:
  3. No worries. Yeah, just work backwards to re-fit, should become clear as you do it.
  4. Door handle How-To: First remove the blanking grommet from the door - both parts (inner & outer need to be removed to allow tool to fit through and to reach both bolts) Looking at an angle you'll see the first bolt to unscrew (4mm Allen key, I think). I found that the bolt could not fall into the door as it gets trapped by the metalwork, although I did have a magnet to support the bolt as I unscrewed it just in case. The rear part of the handle can now be removed. It's fairly snug in the door and required some wiggling but it will pull out. If you look straight into the hole you'll see the 2nd bolt head (Torx type, don't know the size). Apparently you need to hold the handle open as you undo the bolt, I don't know why but as that's what I'd read I did it. This bolt does not get completely removed, you should feel it reach a stop after a few turns. I was quite cautious on the first handle and just kept trying the handle every so often. When the bolt is undone enough the rear of the handle can be pulled from the door and the front just unhooks by pulling out and slightly rearward.
  5. Recently colour coded a set of handles for mine and they are an easy swap, just two bolts on each handle. The main handle does require quite a long reach torx driver. I used a torx bit in a holder but it was only just thin enough to fit through the door to reach the bolt. It's a bit hard to explain exactly what I mean, I could probably get a couple of pics if you want.
  6. Yeah, I don't know if it was a dealer option or not, but I think it's a bit tight of BMW to not colour code all SE door handles as standard. Annoyingly there was an '05 ES on the same forecourt that did have coloured handles You're not wrong Interested by this. Looking on Real OEM it looks like all the E46 models use the same diameter roll bars, are the likes of Eibach the only option, I don't fancy paying over £300.
  7. I'm a new member, this is only my second post. My question is do you need a certain amount of posts before replying in the For Sale section? When I look at any post they all appear as locked. Cheers, Rich.
  8. Hi guys, After a lifetime of Fords (Mk1 Escorts, Capris, and most recently Mk3 TDCI Mondeo), I now own a proper car :-D As much as I wanted to dislike it, the Mondeo was actually a good car, but after having to sell my fun car last year I was left with just the Mondeo and missing RWD. A diesel BMW semed the obvious choice. Picked this one up just before Christmas with one previous owner, 60,000 on the clock and full BMWSH. It seems to have been well looked after and has already had the swirl flaps removed (bonus). Will have to change a few things as I find it impossible to not tinker with any car, with an emphasis on subtle style rather than lairy and in your face. Already fitted silver indicator bulbs and I'm in the process of colour coding a set of door handles. Future plans include black grills (not sure this works on silver-grey but want to see for myself), springs and a set of 18's when Winter ends, possibly LED rear lights (undecided if they suit the saloon), and the front end probably needs the sport bumper. Any comments/suggestions always welcomed. Rich.
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