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  1. Just ordered a vortex greater and swirl flats from pmw Hopefully make a difference.
  2. Hi, I'm not new to e46's had a coupe, touring and m3 but never a diesel. What I wanted to know, is there a way of checking if the swirl flaps have been removed or have I got to strip it all down? Is there a step by step guide on removing them and where should I buy some from? Is there a guide on servicing the car myself anywhere? Also when I turn the engine off, the whole car kind of shakes is that normal, I thought maybe tired engine mounts? Also how easy is it to fit the rear exhaust box for a 6 cylibder petrol car? Thanks Paul.
  3. I think nice bought a bit of a middle car, it need some work but isn't a really high mileage one, Drive it home over 100 miles no trouble, just the cosmetics and I'll give it a service and prob remove the swirl flaps. Going to be doing a lot of miles in it so hopefully it's good, Trip averaged 63.9 mpg on trip home, was only doing 50 as had space saver on lol
  4. Just bought at Atlantis blue 320cd for 4100 Pretty happy with that they all seem expensive still. Needs a little tidy but nothing much
  5. Hi, i agree I think that car is at least 1000-1500 too much, it's nice and if it had leather and couple more options it might be worth buying. A 330cd is a bit expensive on the insurance and tax for me, I'm going back to college soon, so want a nice 320cd sport I paid 4500 for my first e46 320ci facelift, that was years ago so don't want to be spending much more than that just to buy a diesel. Thanks
  6. Hi After selling my e46 m3, I bought a 320i touring, sold that and bought a focus diesel which I hate. I'm now after a 320cd, I just wanted peoples thoughts on what these are worth these days, there not exactly new anymore and are all getting on for 10 years old. I'm looking at this one http://www.autotrader.co.uk/used-cars/bmw/3-series/used-bmw-3-series-320-cd-sport-2dr-coventry-fpa-201409017045101?logcode=p But all it's got going for it is the mileage is fairly low and it's a nice colour otherwise the spec is pretty naff, I know there still nice cars but I really do t want to sped too much on one People's thoughts would be good, and if anyone has a nice one with a bit if a spec to it let me know Thanks Paul.
  7. yeah said he will pay, but i think as its my best mates dad, and the bumper was already damaged lower down from previous owner, which i was already planning on getting repainted before he added to it i might just pay for it myself. luckily didn't hit the rear quarter or anything, only other problems ive got it some leds have stopped working in the n/s rear light, it was full of water so i added a very small drill hole to drain it but i think i need a new light.
  8. i have changed the number plate and interior lights too LED's i also think i have a wheel bearing going and the handbrake seems to work on one wheel only. will be getting it checked out and serviced in 2 weeks my friends dad also reversed into it
  9. had these few bits to fit today. couldn't get the old badge off the front the main leds didin't fit through the hole in the light fitting. and too change the side light and indicator bulbs i need to remove the headlights. did manage to fit the number plate lights which seem ok and the foot well leds which look good. also 6 leds are not working in one of the rear lights, which annoys me. will have another go at fitting the bulbs etc next weekend now.
  10. its great, i've now done 170 miles, mpg is at 29.9 so im happy with that. runs well, got a few bits in my room ready to fit on the weekend now
  11. looks a nice car, would be good if you can speak with the last owner too. i have bought a 320ci last week, and also have a rumble, so will need to get it checked, i think its a wheel bearing on mine, but i have heard the prop shalf need something replaced every now and then.
  12. thanks for the comments everyone, i had been told by a few people that the 320's are crap, but these people clearly haven't driven one, it has pleanty of power for me, it has a nice surge as the revs rise, i know a 325 or 330 will be better but its the perfect car for me, and the 6 sounds great, insurance is quite a few hundred cheaper than a 325 too.
  13. thanks, its the perfect car for me, lol yes no swirl flaps here, thanks the last owner really looked after the car, runs like new. 170bhp is still a decent bit of power, i would have liked a 325 or 330 my current insurance wouldn't insure me on them, but didn't want a 318. i though about canceling the insurance, but the cheaper quote on a 325 was £1200, on this its £750 and i'm in a high risk birmingham postcode many thanks
  14. Hi, i bought this on friday, my second bmw been driving an e34 for the last 8 months or so but, it was a bit too old man for me so my dads having that. my car is a facelift with black leather, 1 owner from new, done 102k with fsh, although it does need a service now. haven't done may miles in it only about 25 but i really like it. i managed to clean it today, fair bit of black mould around the lights and windows etc, but a power washer soon ripped that off, then washed it, doesn't look like the engine had ever even been wiped since new so that will take a bit to clean up and treated the leather with some megs cleaner stuff. ill be doing a proper clean when the weather warms up, but that wil do for now. few mods/replacement parts planed, dial rings, led interior lights, led number plate lights, new gearknob, new exhaust tips, discs and pads all round, paint the calipers, have my private plate put on and a service and thats it, can't do anything until february really as i've spent all my money. couple of pics from today. i had been told by a few people that a 320 will be slow, but its not, its perfect for what i want, insurance is nice and cheap, mpg is hovering around 30 which im happy with, what a car, can't see me selling this, unless its to buy an M3. cheers Paul.
  15. Hi, Im Paul from BIrmingham, decided to treat myself as im 24 new week, and work 60 hours weeks mean i deserve a nice car. Bought a 2003 320ci M sport, love it.
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