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  1. would love to hear yor fuel cons once youve done a run out mine did 48 ish on a run sat at 80 on cruze controllat the weekend 330d auto. seriously thinking of a re map and a trip to the ring next year. been twice but not in the loon
  2. yeh im realy pleased with it mate, went out for lunch yesterday with five people in and it was spot on no catching etc ant it was a country road and we were pushing on in a few places.
  3. Will be mate theres no recipt for it being done.... Big job????
  4. Not sure just could do with a bit quicker change. Meby diffrent oils or sumthing might do this!!
  5. hi there can any one tell me if theres an update or remap for the auto box in my 330d
  6. put pics in the members wheels bit whel i put these on but the pics were poor, so hears some daylight pics, had the car about 2 month now and its comming along nicely with pro kit lowering springs and wheels spoiler and grills, indicators and tails next to bring the old girl up to date then i fancy a remap and de-egr. hope you like the old truck!!!!!
  7. Chris! Its got a pro kit fitted mate. The cars titan silver. Not sure what make the wheels are there just replicas or csl style wheels.
  8. Na shes ok av been assesing her driving for 3 years now. Haha
  9. Na shes ok av been assesing her driving for 3 years now. Haha
  10. haha i know just put em on lastnite and misses has it today so ill get some nice ones with camera and put them on.
  11. The Year Of The Car =2000 Model Of The Car = 330d Offset's Front and Rear = 38 - 38 Rim width = 8.5 Profile = 35 Archwork required (rolled or pulled) = tiny bit of plastic inner arch at rear where bumper mounts to rear quarter Size Of The Alloy = 19" Model Of Alloy /Replica or Original = rep eibach pro kit springs
  12. decided to go for 19" non staggered in the end and to be honnest im quite glad i did as i think 18" might have looked small once i had got used to them i think they make the old pre face lift look well. ill put details on that members wheels bit for offset and suspension etc.sorry about picture quality there off my phone. .
  13. Take all four springs out take some pics for the mantle piece then fit eibach pro kit then atleast its still a good hight and still driveable....
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