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  1. Didn't think it would be that to be fair,most likey to be the fact I had a slow puncher and lack of air in it
  2. Hi all... Been a member of the forum for a while now but never got round to putting up some pictures... Already had a few mods fitted when I got it back in January Carbon grilles Carbon clubsport splitters Lowered on coilovers Black painted roof Have a few more mods planned like exhaust and some new alloys Paint with some light Playing with fire lol Some one may have seen it before as got it off someone from here Well I'm here could do with some advice, got a blow out last night (4-5inch hole on the inside sidewall of the tyre) not to sure if is been scrubbing on the inner arch, but did have a slow puncher so could have just pushed the rim of the wheel in to the tyre (think went into a pot hole at the same time) was a 255 35 18? the arches have been rolled.....I have read on here that some people use a 225 45 18 or 235 40 18 on the rear when it's been lowered? Thanks chris
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