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  1. Anyone purchase on from the Manchester area in the past 5 months? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. They are combining the freelander and discovery lines. The new Discovery Sport is the first one out - replaces the freelander but is now the baby discovery. New full size Disco should be unveiled some time in 2015. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Stunning car. I did a Land Rover off-road driving course in one a while back. Amazing. I want one. Not cheap. Enjoy it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The water pump is driven by a belt. It if was going it may have been causing the squeal. Eithet that or causing tension on the idler puley which can squeal when worn out. See how it goes replacing pump. Coil pack faults will show up in fault codes. It should tell you the pack at fault. I'm not sure if all vacuum leaks would cause an dash warning light. Some times, as it rubber tubing they come and go. Sounds like the engine is struggling to tick over at idol. If stationary and you rev it, do the revs drop and stall, or does it tick over once dropped??
  5. Can you see any leaks under the car?
  6. Yesterday, washed and polished with AG ultra deep polish. Works well on dark colors.
  7. I have the Bentley one also. To be honest neither is perfect. One has info the other does not and even conflicting info in some parts.
  8. I had the same issue, but when I looked there were only the two blue ones (it was a yer ago). I Spoke to Haynes and they said the one title S to 56 includes some updates for the facelift trim etc. The grey one could just be a new style cover. Call them and ask.
  9. Dropped off at 8 this morning for MOT. Call at 8:50 that's its ready and passed.
  10. sebgreen

    MOT Check

    It's the officers discretion. They usual issue a fine & impound the car (which you have to also pay release fee).
  11. Drove to Ireland and back. About 600 mile round trip. Had a nice chilled weekends at girlfriend family's country house on the coast. Car was a hoot to bomb around in. Roads in Ireland are really good.
  12. Adjusted handbrake shoes. Long job for a small adjustment
  13. I have tried loads of headphone. Currently for in ears I have some Ultimate Ears (Logitech recently bought them, but that should not put you off.) & for on ear I have just got some Bowers & Wilkins P3. They are amazing. Beats are so overrated. I would never buy anything that is "endorsed" by and artist and has their name on it. They have just done that for the money.
  14. Took my papers in expecting them to say "you will receive stuff in the post". They printed the discs and plate certificate there and then. Talk about same day. Was same minute.
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