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  1. Had this done today. My supplier gave me the wrong filter - it is the one for the 330xd. So, if I'd have done the job myself I'd have had to do it twice! The garage charged me £35 including a filter. I don't mind paying that - it's preferable to having to roll around the garage floor and having a couple of days of aches and pains after. £35 including labour and filter is a very good price IMO. On a note for me, I checked my tyre pressures today
  2. Thanks, I took the centre caps off when I had new tyres fitted as I wanted to clean them up. Centre caps are from BMW which are better than the old ones that were on e46's
  3. Lovely looking car there. I'd put some smoked front indicators on it though to blend in with the black head lamp housings and it's easily reversible.
  4. So some updates for anyone that is interested (probably not many) I had the pro kit fitted along with new front and rear top mounts which Jason at All German Parts sorted out for me Before (I had 330d rear springs which makes the 325i sit too high) After Before: After: A pic from this morning at the Pod when it was actually sunny! pity it didn't last. The 325i that gate crashed out forum stand next to mine :hihi Note how mine sits slightly lower I put this into the car this week before I leave it somewhere and forget about it :hihi I had the car 4 wheel aligned this week. I had it done by Nick at The Wheel Alignment Centre Oh and a in action shot for anyone that cares Also yesterday I had 2 new rear tyres fitted, Kumho Ecta Le Sport KU39 was the flavour of choice again Thanks
  5. 2 new rear tyres fitted today, well yesterday now technically
  6. I had 4 Wheel Alignment done, the car drives much better now
  7. I personally had a not so positive experience with Bosch plugs, the car didn't seem to go the same, granted I may have had potentially another issue but after I changed them to NGK the car was firing like new again.
  8. Are they fitting tightly on the stock 325i exhaust tips Andrew?
  9. What I should say is I can warm them up nicely before I go in for the kill
  10. I have heated seats in my car too, nothing like that warm feeling on a cold frosty morning. The girls love it too and I can get away with warming them up without touching them
  11. Theirs small spring type arms inside which grab the existing tail - if you can find out the outside diameter of your tailpipe i can get the inside diameter of one of these Any joy on this or anyone else? I've got a 325i and it could benefit with new tips.
  12. Failing the Halfords ones I vote Philips X-Treme Vision Bulbs, definitely far better light over stock bulbs.
  13. Exhaust tips look good Trevor, How did you get the old ones off? I take the old ones just push/hammer back in?
  14. Regarding tram lining, have you had your car 4 whee aligned recently at all?
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