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  1. I have a convertible 2005 plate I want to fit angel rings but i cant find a kit what looks like it will fit. I have a small chrome ring (main light) and a largee chrome ring (sidelight) How can x4 106mm rings fit if i have one chrome ring smaller than the other. Can anyone direct me to the kit i need?
  2. Auto stick is stiff to put into park guys. its not a real force to get in but i do feel the resistance. drives fine and selects fine into reverse and drive and N etc Car is a 325ci m sport 2005 any advise would be great
  3. Hey guys, code P0444 has appeared on my 325ci m sport convert 2005 plate Came on after a 70 mile trip, EML light came on but it didnt drive any different. Any help would be greatful. Thanks
  4. Cheers mate, ive laid a deposit down on a lovely E90 325i M Sport, n52 engine 56 plate full bmwsh, recent service at bmw in jan this year and all brakes changed all round at bmw last month with a cost of £1200 😁😁, owned by a 75 year old man, immaculate condition unmarked alloys new falken tyres etc. i was looking at 58 08 plates but the n53 engine alot of them suffer injector failures costin £1500 and HPFP failures costing £500 but the n52 engine has a totally different injection set up so saved a few bob aswel
  5. Thanks mate, Deposit taken now lads The new owner is getting one hell of a car. Will miss the car so much, it will be my last e46 due to family car but ive enjoyed the E46 so much
  6. Cheers lads, got a 530d m sport high spec lined up as my wife is pregnant
  7. Haha cheers lads, ill grab the link shortly
  8. Haha cheers Gaz, they are a bargin for £35 each, you can zoom in aswel but seing his wifes dirty knickers i thought nahhhhh lol
  9. Cheers bud, its leather with perforated sides and also its thicker, 😊
  10. Not been active for a while guys, gave the car a detail the other week. installed x3 HD wireless WIFI cameras on my house this week, 2mega pixel, can record in LD,SD,HD, they take SD CARDS and record for a constant 48 hours on HD and if no incidents, clear the memory of the SD card on the app, they record 24 hours a day on the cameras its self, motion detective, Audio, Night vision and can infocus at anytime during your footage, the thing i like about these over a DVR is that no matter if the cameras got damaged or pinched, the evidence will always be on the App you view your footage, rather than a very expensive DVR system getting pinched if the worst was to happen, Highly highly reccomended. Here are a couple of pictures from camera Number 1, Day and Night Vision
  11. Not much of an update but got a couple of rolling pics, car very dirty mind lol but thought id keep my thread alive.
  12. cheers, they feel great, only as harsh as lowering springs imo, obs lower you go the harsher it will be, but mine feels perfect, and with my H&R Anti roll bar and upgraded control arm bushes etc it just glues to the road.
  13. Not really major update but gave the car a full service, Castrol edge 5w 40 oil change and all filters
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