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  1. 1. Gaz 2. Steve (Ragtop) 3. Court 4. 5.
  2. 1. Gaz 2. mintimperial 3. SamN 4. Rich-323 5. Chris 6. gaszman 7. Colossuss (Luke) 8. Ben 9. HCP (E34) 10. Pipey_McGraw 11. Bahnstormer 12.Cdt808 13. dazza 14. Davespeed3 15. Court (If the missus don't mind)
  3. I'm not fitting mine yet, as I haven't had the time. But it will be a 330Cd that I'm fitting mine to. Why you asking Jassi
  4. Sounds sweet Nick, I still haven't got mine fitted yet! So jealous from that sound. I'll have to get a shifty on.
  5. Nick I'll call them in the morning to chase it for ya fella!
  6. I had the same problem, I wasn't crossed off the list as Paid. So I was delayed by a week. DOH! But I had a nice tightly wrapped parcel waiting for me last night! Sweet look at getting that fitted! I'm gonna give a go and fit it on Saturday!
  7. Sorry Oli if you still want to join in on this please respond by tomorrow! I need your car Built Date and model....ie Coupe, Saloon 3Dr 5Dr etc. Price is £315 IIRC and £18 Delivery. I'll have a chat with Blueflame tomorrow for you ok? Regards Court
  8. Hey Gaz you didnt put my name down fella
  9. Whoop well just a note to say that this GB is CLOSED Everyone has paid and now it the wait for our tubular bells. Hopefully we'll get some pics and some sounds on here soon.
  10. Ok update. I've spoken to warren and were good to go. He's happy to accept Paypal if that's ok with you? So if every one is happy can you PM me your name and your Paypal email, I'll get warren to send the invoice to you. If you want to pay via card then please call him on 01695 733100 and ask for warren. The price has updated by 5% since I started this thread. Due to the price rise in the raw material. So our new price is £314.41 and P&P is £18 via FedEx. Happy days this is all systems go! Regards C
  11. Hi Guys, Warren has been on leave and will call me tomorrow, so if you can check on here about 9PM tomorrow I should have a response on how we need to pay etc etc. Sime, I trying to finalise this GB for this Friday (30th Sept), as for the exhaust Warren @ BF confirmed that the 330Ci/CD exhuast will fit with no problems. IIRC the exhaust comes in two parts. Turbo Back to Centre Cat then Centre Cat to Back Box. I'll confirm this for you, you can fit it if you like or take it to any garage to get them to fit it. I'll be doing mine at home. Delivery will be direct to you by courier and it will be delivered 2 weeks after ordering. You can always put the old exhaust in the for sale section on here or Fleabay Court Updated List 1. Court - 330CD 2006 - Cat Back System - Rolled Tips 2. K9ng - 330d 2004 - Cat Back System - ? Tips 3. VanBemma - 330CD 2004 - Cat Back System - ? Tips 4. Nickjones2011 - 330Ci - Cat Back System - Slashed Tips (E46Zone) 5. Will - 330D 2002 - Cat Back System - Slashed Tips 6. M5sime - 330Ci - Cat Back System - Slashed Tips (E46Zone)
  12. Yeah all, my contact was on leave today so I'll touch base with him tomorrow. C
  13. Okay Sorry guys I've just got a new job and I have been really busy learning. But don't worry I haven't forgotten about the group buy. I'll update this thread tomorrow with all the names!
  14. I'm not sure if Clare +1 will be coming....so fussy now she's constantly eating for two! So to save myself some money I might leave her at home
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