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  1. So, for my install you need: 6m aerial extension cable 6m harness Xtrons unit and cables 1) Back of the unit you can't go wrong, each plug will only fit into one socket. 2) You will get two bundles of connectors for which there is only one slot on the back of the unit. Use the one that doesn't have round plugs 3) Take the singular side of the 6m extension cable and connect it to the above 4) Take your BM Radio in the boot and disconnect the large connector Should end up looking like this, ignore the yellow/green wires (This is an aux I had put into the stock unit). 5) Plug will look like this, remove plugs 1 and 2 from the back of the connector 6) Take the other side of the 6m harness (with multiple plugs). Take the connector I've marked 3 and plug it into the back of the radio unit you just removed the stock connector from 7) Take the connectors I marked 1 and 2 and plug them into the back of connector 3 you just plugged into the stock radio 😎 Take connector 4 from above and connect it to the stock connector in step 5, the blue bits do not block the connection. I thought they did which is where my confusion came from. 9) Unplug the aerial from the radio unit, it's marked in step 4. Plug the 6m aerial extension into the wire you just removed (nothing plugs back into the radio). Done
  2. Figured it out, I'll post details later.
  3. These are the audio connectors coming off the xtron unit: 1: 2:
  4. This is the connections I have behind the front dash:
  5. This harness side 1: This is the other side of the 6m harness:
  6. Hello, so I purchased an xtrons unit for my e46 harmon kardon system with sat nav etc. As an audio noob I'm completely lost with the audio connects, could anyone give me a hand? I bought the 6m cable extension loom as I understand I need this to utilise the HK system. This is whats in my boot: This is the connector going into the radio: This is the radio connector on the unit itself:
  7. Gave them a call and spoke to chiptunes son, seemed a bit iffy about the quote his dad gave me and told me to call back on the 10th. I managed to find some locks off ebay with a key and a local guy to rebuild them instead. Hopefully there will be no issues.
  8. Haha, so true. It's actually chiptune I was talking to through pm but he's stopped responding to me. Not sure if he's busy or what's happening... :(
  9. Thanks for the tip! I found someone on another forum who said they would rebuild the locks for me So we'll see how that goes!
  10. This is just for the retaining clips at the back, I'm after the tumbler itself. I got a message on another forum saying they could help so hopefully they can
  11. I love the car too much to sell it so I may go the route of just buying the tumbler in the future and have a duff set of locks for now. I ordered the ignition tumbler from bmw for £100 so at least I can start and drive.
  12. Hi, Anyone know a way of replacing a key tumbler in a door lock / boot lock? I don't want to pay £460 for them from bmw... Or anyone know how to get the actual tumbler out of the lock itself? I've remove the retaining bits in the back of the lock but the cylinder won't slide out
  13. That's half the problem, no insurance and sorn. When I went to the police they said there were no cameras in the area so there's nothing they could do.
  14. relay as in ignition relay. Don't think you can start the car without the key though.
  15. They took the oem sat nav unit, ripped off all the trim getting to it breaking a few bits. Messed up every single lock including ignition so I have to replace them all. Broke other various trim parts and drive window. I think I was lucky and got to it mid stripping, they were definitley coming back to take it as all the under column of the steering wheel was off aswell as the relay. The battery was dead so they couldn't do much. Oh and icing on the cake, someone has tried to claim ownership of my car through the dvla so now I have to get that sorted out.
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