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  1. Hello guys, I will be brief at this could get quite long. My road noise has been terrible for some time now here are a list of parts I have changed and when they were done, Front control arm bushes, 2 years, Drop links (front), 1 month, Rear shock mounts, 1 month, Rear balljoints upper and lower, 2 weeks, Trailing arm bushes, 2 weeks. I know that I need a rear passenger bearing which could have been the culprit all along, I have purchased the bearing but not had it installed yet. My trouble got worse today though, I am travelling down to Hull from Newcastle at 3 and wanted to get the alignment done plus there was a minor knock on the rear (I know the alignment will need redone when the bearing is done) but when it was getting it done (alignment) the guys at ATS had said that they have adjusted the rear camber as far as it will go and it is still not enough to be fully aligned. This made me concerned, they said "it could be a fauly bushing or something is bent"??? Then when I drove out my minor knock has turned into MAJOR KNOCK, GRUMBLE, BANGING over rough ground. I took the car back and said to the young lad "the knock is MUCH MUCH worse than before, please check all of the fixings are tight as it sounds like metal to metal contact or something loose. They checked everything and it is all tight. I am at my whits end with this now, had enough. What I will say is that on the balljoints and trailing arm bushes I used a guy who runs a small time business within a back street unit and I think (although he was cheap) is a bit of a rough worker. Any advice would be great, thank you very much in advance.
  2. I have a dtuk crd2 red box for sale if your interested.
  3. cmon someone out there must have done a box and diff change at some point?
  4. Sorry if this question has been asked a billion times! What is the specific gearbox oil needed in the 320d 6 speed 54 reg and the diff oil if anyone knows? I have searched around and its looking to be 75w80 for the 'box and 75w90 for the diff. Im getting a friend (with 4 post ramp) to get it up and do it tomorrow, are the halfords (i know, i know) oil's any good/bad. Its just i don't want to be searching all day tomorrow for the oils. Im in the tyne and wear are if anyone know's anywhere to get quality branding oils. Thank you all very much in advance for the help.. if there is any
  5. I have a picture of Paul. I don't want to get anyone in trouble so should i put it onto photo bucket and post a link to it?
  6. After getting onto a coversation about accidents and being knocked over today... (PAUL) they said on 5th gear it's better to get knocked over by a 4x4 than a car (ME) what made them say that? (PAUL) it's because you will get hit straight on and not fly over the car (ME) seems plausible (PAUL) I would not because I've seem loads of people get knocked over, fly over the top and be fine pauls village is very dangerous.
  7. (PAUL) my mate had a mint escort, it was a special edition called an rs200. (ME) the rs200 was a short wheel base 4wd special rally car made in a batch of 200 to adhier to regulations on production vehicles in rallying. (PAUL) no my mates was an rs200 it was a special one (ME) (your the special one my friend) after some debate a kid who's dad rallys and repairs at stages and who is the worlds biggest ford fan and personally has a mk3 rs turbo went on the net and printed a list of all models from start to finish of all escorts... No mention of the rs200i escort (PAUL) that's probably just got it wrong or missed some out (ME AND THE LAD) just tutted and shook our heads
  8. My brothers lass could not understand why on an on board camera view of a rally car why the people in the car dont go upside down when the car flips.... It's because it's mounted to the dash... Eh but the camera stays still DUH!!!!!
  9. Seeing as it's getting away from bull shizniters i have a corker about our my girlfriend. My 2 year old daughter was watching animals of the arctic. (DAUGHTER) mam what's that on the tele (GIRLFRIEND) it's a baby polar bear (ME IN FITS OF LAUGHTER) no it's not (GIRLFRIEND) oh no man it's a baby penguin (ME CRYING) it's a f'ing seal you silly git!!! (DAUGHTER) looking very confused. Hahahahaha
  10. fair do's mate. I can't exactly explain what it's for though :0)
  11. I was thinking of doing that today. He is off (long story hahaha) but I'm on the case!!!
  12. My partner is in childcare at the moment and is currently doing a degree level 5-6. After telling Paul she is at university (open uni) he said... (PAUL) my mate (funny how he never gives names) was doing a university course in child phycology, I had a look at some of her work and you would not believe some of the stuff she had to do (ME) (this is going to be so good) (PAUL) paper mashé models (ME) ahaa.... Here is one of the questions my lass had to do the other day How has the use of new research methods contributed to a greater understanding of the development of infants' perceptual abilities during the first 18 months of life? Yeah Paul she had to answer that with 6 crayons of her choice but only by using two hands and sticking her Tongue out while doing so.
  13. The beauty about Paul is once he has said something he will say absolutely anything to make it seem like he is correct.
  14. A friend at work has just been in a minor accident where a woman has hit into his "dodgem". After asking him is it bad he said that it is in need if a new wing, a minor repair on bumper and door. When telling Paul... (PAUL) oh so it's his fault then, (ME) no she hit into him when stationary (PAUL) did you know but (he always starts his shiznit with that phrase), anything you see out of the front that hits you your still 25% liable... (ME) oh I see... What if your stationary (PAUL) yeah even if you are not moving, did you know but, when your NOT EVEN IN THE CAR you still 10% liable when someone hits into the front of you (ME) well I never, I'm always going to drive into car parking spaces now instead of reversing, thanks mate.
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