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  1. As I need to sell this quickly guys, I would accept an offer of £8500 which for this car is silly money.
  2. ** NEW PRICE ** The S20 UFO number plate will be sold with the car too, this has been valued at £399.
  3. Forgot to mention, the car has also had recently fitted a brand new oil breather and MAF sensor too.
  4. Wish I didn't have to, but I need to for my new job
  5. Due to a change in job, I will be doing over 600 miles a week, so require a cheaper diesel to run so I am putting my 2002 E46 330d Sport Auto for sale. Its in immaculate Titan Silver, 81K miles, Tax'd & MOT'd, FSH and has the following standard features: - Full Black Leather Interior - Full BMW Sport Kit - 5 Speed Steptronic Gearbox with Sport/Manual Sequential Options - BMW Business Head Unit with 6 CD Changer - Carbon Cube Interior - TC with ESP - Rear Parking Sensors - Electric Mirrors and Windows all Round - Two Remote Keys and 1 Plastic Service Key The car also comes with the following extra's: - TunIT VCR Tuning Box - K&N Panel Filter - EGR By-Pass Valve - 19" CSL Replica Alloys with as new 235/35/19 Tyres - Clubsport Front Splitters (Colour Coded) - Gen2 CCFL Angel Eyes - 6000K HiD Lights - M Tech Sport Pedals - M Tech Sport Gear Knob - Sony SOT Amp - Infinity Reference Rear Speakers - (If wanted) JBL Bass Pro Active Sub (very compact in the boot) - Fully de-tango'd indicators The car has been meticulously looked after and is in absolute immaculate condition, the pictures do not do this car justice. The car has been used with Miller Sport 4 fuel additive, and runs like an absolute dream. It regularly gets over book figure MPG with a good 45+ mpg on a decent motorway run. The car is fully HPI clear and its next service is only an oil service. £8,995. Please contact me for any more details or pictures. Email: danielleigh@btconnect.com Mobile: 07525831444
  6. Are you still after some, mine are potentially for sale. Do you have 18" wheels to PX..?
  7. I have for sale a virtually brand new JBL Bass Pro II Active Subwoofer. Its a small compact design which fits nicely in the boot of an e46 (I could even still fit a pram in the boot too). It has a remote Gain switch too, which can be located in the front of your car for adjustment - its all in as-new condition. Here are some specs off the JBL Website: I don't fancy posting this due to its size/weight, so would want collection from Leyland/Preston area. £50
  8. Its the same operation for a 320d than it is for a 330d. Here is the engine with the covers removed.... ..a close up... Yet another close up, you can see 3 of the 4 bolts that secure the breather. The red/white and brown wires are secured to a plastic holder that will need to be removed. The wire loom bolts look odd, but a small enough metric socket (think its a 5 or 6mm) will fit them. * pictures taken from BMWLand (Redtwin's posts).
  9. With the K&N you will find it will foul your EGR valve (being oil coated) after a few hundred miles, you will need to clean the MAF if you notice some performance degradation. But, definately look at replacing your crankcase breather, its a small but very essential replacement, that is more often than not missed on services.
  10. Usually the problem arises from clogged crankcase breather - these are cheap from BMW and are easily changed too - the EGR certainly doesn't help. The best thing for you to do is to change the crankcase breather (ideally to the new style one), air filter and clean/bypass the EGR.
  11. Currently listening to Alice Cooper at Breakfast on DAB Planet Rock - awesome !!!!
  12. Bollox to it, if I'm gonna pay high tax, I may aswell get an M3 - oh yeah - I will be doing I reckon alot of people will have this view too, I hope so, that way there will be more ozone killers on the road (but lining the gov' pockets ).
  13. Yeah, in the end I ran a cable from the head unit into the boot, suprisingly easy to get the cable under the panels to the boot really.
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