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  1. Sadly, this car went to the great scrap pile in the sky after being hit by a Taxi Driver. Got a new toy now...
  2. mintimperial


    Fog lights sold
  3. Yes full eq and HPF MPF LPF
  4. Got my 32GB iPhone 5S up for sale. Still in Apple Warranty, in great condition, only 9 months old. Just a couple of very minor little scuffs. Been kept in a case since new. Selling due to upgrade Unlocked to work with any network! Boxed with accessories £325 ono
  5. mintimperial


    bumper sold
  6. Andrive 3 is out now. Totally new unit type. This thread is out of date in that respect
  7. In the settings under sound. You can turn it off.
  8. Also gen 3 is a totally different kettle of fish to the gen2
  9. Only one person on here has a gen3
  10. I didn't actually post anything negative about dynavin at all.
  11. The specs posted above by bungers have absolutely no relation to the Andrive 3 in and way shape or form!
  12. That's cool. But I reserve the right to defend our product and service against misinformation by the likes of bungers. I think bungers have shares in eonon and dynavin. Am I just supposed to let people post complete nonsense (such as those specs above) about our product?
  13. Go into wince side Bluetooth setting then reset>cut>link Then rescan for by devices on your phone.
  14. No worries! Glad it's still helping people out!
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