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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the link, looks really good. Could be tempted I think!
  2. Richard, that's very useful info, thanks Gonna give that a try over the weekend. Havoc - where are you getting the Andrive unit from? This is a new one on me and I'd like to take a look at it!
  3. Nope! Had a reply from Connects2 and basically the factory bluetooth installs aren't supported, so I've basically opted to just keep full music control and forget about using the built in bluetooth for now. I rarely use my phone in the car anyhow so I just won't bother! It was such a cheap solution so I'm happy for now until I can afford a Dynavin system or similar.
  4. Cool! Thanks Daz! Didn't have a clue what I was doing with my sig! haha!
  5. HELP!!!!! I purchased a Connects2 kit from Amazon in order to play music from my iPhone using my factory fitted head unit. The car is a 54 (Jan 2005), E46, 3 series coupe, 318Ci. The head unit is the Business CD unit. Round pin connectors on the back. The car has the factory fitted Bluetooth integration for mobile phone calls. The kit I ordered was BMW 3 Series E46, 5 Series E39, 7 Series E38, Mini, Z8 iPod, iPhone Interface Adaptor CTABMIPOD007.2 I installed the kit (following the instructions). Everything works beautifully. I can listen to tracks on my iPhone 4S, full control with the steering wheel etc. The problem I now have I using the BMW bluetooth phone prep that was already installed in my car. I can still call up my phonebook and the contacts appear on the display etc. I can make a call, the person can answer and can hear me, but I cannot hear the call through my car speakers any more. (NOTE: The telephone prep was fully functional before the install - no problems with hearing calls - and still is if I reverse the installation). Is there some extra adapter that I need to complete this install? I sent the above to the Technical support email of Connects2 (as their telephone lines are £1 a blooming minute to call!!!). Anybody have any experience with this????
  6. Update.... All changed now. £30 digital panel off eBay, 5 mins to change it, straight swap. Looks sooooooo much better!
  7. alanliddington

    Manual air con to digital panel swap

    I took out my manual 'dial' controlled heater/air con panel and swapped it for a digital unit from eBay, £30!
  8. Ah right! Yeah, I thought the same (flat pin). Basically it's because I wanna get a Connects2 for playing music from my iPhone, to tide me over until I can get something like a Dyanvin setup (my FM transmitter is total garbage and driving me mad!!). Just needed to know what connector I had! Thanks for your response.
  9. Hey I have a 54 plate 318 Ci E46 (It's a later one, Jan 2005). Does anyone know what connection I will have on the back of the Business CD head unit that I have? Flat pin or round pin connector?? I just wondered if anyone knew before I go pulling it out! (I'm being lazy here I know!!)
  10. Couldn't agree more! They look bad! I was gonna go for a higher spec, but I saw this one and it already had M-sport wheels/Steering wheel/gear knob, integrated BMW bluetooth already and was in ace condition, so couldn't turn it down! I'll post some pics if it works out ok.
  11. Sweet! Any ideas on a part number from BMW? I have seen panels on eBay, or am I gonna be taking a gamble getting one from there?
  12. New to all this so forgive any ignorance that may follow!!..... I've got a 54 plate (Jan 2005) 318 coupe. I have air con, but the control panel is a manual one (i.e. knob controlled - and I don't mean the owner!! haha!). See this pic for an example of a panel that looks identical to mine..... I have read conflicting stories, but some say that it is possible to buy a digital panel and simply swap it for the manual one, as the manual one (on facelift models) has the same wiring loom on the back. I am not expecting to end up with actual climate control (I would imagine this is a whole different kettle of fish), but just the option to select air flow direction and adjust the air con/heater fan speeds with digital button control instead of knobs. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice they could offer? Regards Alan
  13. alanliddington

    My first BMW!

    A couple pics of my first BMW. An E46 (54 plate - Jan 2005) 318Ci M-sport alloys/Sterring wheel/gear knob
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