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  1. http://www.auto-dents.co.uk This is who does mine I'm based in Leicester but dunno how far he travels
  2. I normally get them done when I buy a car I've used the same guy for ages He did my s14 and I just said there is half a Dozen car park dents and he came out found a few others aswell and only charged me 60 odd quid I think As above where are you and odds are someone local will have a recommendation
  3. Worst thing about ebc yellows is there really hard on disks Usually you get two sets of normal pads to a set of disks but with ebc yellows it's almost a set of disks per set of pads
  4. No problem mate have fun skidding
  5. Do you have a print out of the full alignment you had done before As it could be multiple things caster could be out thrust angle could be out or it could just be your steering wheel that's not been centred properly
  6. If you unplug one of the sensors it should stop it working entirely as it will see a fault
  7. Any reason you wanna do this ? Asking cus if it's a track or drift car you could pull an abs wheel sensor and it should kill the traction control but you will loose abs too but if it's track car it don't matter
  8. Your rear trailing arm bushes are probably nearing the end of there life so have loads of dynamic toe change on acceleration so will wear the inside edge out
  9. I think you may have gone the wrong way imo I have always preferred more rear bar than front The joys of adjustable bars is you can try it for a week one way then move them to see how they effect the feel
  10. They may feel like they handle well due to stiff springs but I bet against a clock the shocks and springs would probably win
  11. Not sure on the 320 but the 330 coupe is 18mm and the vert is 20mm
  12. Oh and I found a good tweak to the direct port setup was replacing the red low pressure fuel line with the dmaller bore black higher pressure nitrous line When I was testing the system I was getting the nitrous coming from the cross fire before the fuel With the smaller bore black line it was exactly the same time for fuel and nitrous
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