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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331403828379SPF1358-10K
  2. apparently they are oem according to their site b3 springs with m sport, old ones that came off im assuming were the original ones which came with the car, but even those with a full car rubbed, are touring/ m3 cabby springs any different which will bump up rear end? or only other option is adjustable mounts if i could use it with these bilstein springs,
  3. evening all, question have a 330ci m sport, with 19ns on. fitted some new springs today apparently oem m sport bilstein springs... but they seemed to be about 1/4 inch shorter than the ones that came off, the ones removed looked to be m sport ones - they had three white marks on them? but yeah fitted the springs and ass end is lower, but want to raise it up a bit anyone got any ideas thicker spring pads?... it drives much more firmer than the old springs but lower which i dont really want. with people in the back and luggage car just rubs the arches, probably be worse now tbh
  4. Afternoon all, question, I know a fair bit about racks but not in depth... Basically i have a 330ci sport with the 067 purple tag which has a bit of play on n/s - i bought a refurbed apparently "purple tag" rack off ebay last year just never got around to fitting it yet - only opened the box easter weekend as i had some time to change, but looks like theyve sent me a rack off a standard bm pn is - 7852501487 i called them to swap over but they said dw they are all the same? and check the turning.. it is 3 turns lock 2 lock, but none of the numbers on the rack match up.. Wondering if anyone could help clarify after I end up replacing it! Apparently the 067s have a better "feel"? thanks
  5. new bilsteins have more travel/ longer than the old ones apparently there definitely m-sport shocks... Cant remember but is this good or bad? springs are still under good compression,
  6. standard m sport springs, dont look like anyones touched the suspension since new, oem bmw sachs shocks came off, and black red/ white striped springs, and a sheared shock mounting bolt on the knuckle, took best part of 3hrs to get the fker out without damaging the thread
  7. dont think it has tbh, it sits around the same as my friends 325 m sport, il have another look at the springs but they defo look original
  8. Had this on my old E39 it was the ABS Module, Ive had the lights coming on and off on my 330 for about a year now, they used to come on and off randomly, plugged it in the other day had Both pressure sensor faults 1 & 2 & Control unit internal errors - Tested both pressure sensor and live data was fine, Cleared faults & only active was the DSC/ABS pump - Best way is to just plug it in check the data for all four wheel sensors & rule them out,
  9. If the pas system is working and no bubbles are coming to the top of the fluid in the reservoir its fine? You just top it up after youve changed, start it leave it running top it up again and turn a few times lock 2 lock, unless you left a pipe loose and its sucking air back in, In which case youd notice a leak
  10. Will have a look tomorrow when i get them off, looking at the pic of when I bought it - there is hardly any arch gap as is, from 4 years ago, obviously being a daily, I cba with scraping and bouncing over bumps! lol
  11. problem is i cant lower it at all, i bought the car with staggered 19's so there is hardly any arch gap as is, and with a full car on the motorway it does touch going over dips, and i dont want to mess about with arches etc, Take it i will have to go oem? Had a browse coudnt find anything tbh
  12. Afternoon all ive got a 330ci m sport - suspension is very bad! ive ordered new bilstein b4 shocks all round, but thinking while im there might as well renew springs as well, pretty sure one on the rear is broken a bit! Ive had a look but most aftermarket eibach etc are all lowering springs, i dont want to lower the car or slam it or anything - im past that, this is a daily so will have passengers etc want something which is standard ride height for m-sport and comfortable, if anyone has any suggestions? thanks
  13. evening all wondering if someone could assist me in this matter, have a 330ci 51plate - lower arms and bushes are completely f'd like i actually get scared when i drive it now - anyway euro car parts have supplied some lemforder arms which look right and well you have to be a colossal retard to not supply the right part for that or mange to c**k that up Anyway ive got some lower arm eccentric bushes - I gave the reg and made sure they were correct as they were planning on giving me rear arm adjustable link rods - ffs anyway confirmed they were correct went to collect - checked the pn it says its only for m3's and i cant seem to find any mention of a 330ci etc... I test fitted the centre on the arm and well its loose tbh - probably about a 2m gap thereaboust - ive fitted powerflex bushes in the past and where they have been easy to install - never this easy but yeah - that doesnt seem right when tis fully flush it mates with the end of the arm and holds it secure but there is some movement on the end, so BMW E46 M3 99-06 Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bushes Caster Adjust PFF5-5601GM3 | eBay what I have been supplied? if anyone could confirm that would be great,
  14. It seems bavsound only offer kits for cars with hifi and hk installed, nothing for normal stereo
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