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  1. lol,got the emulator mate for hastle free install my usb to combox cables fcuked bmw want £60 ebay £25 brand new delivered,ha ha ha its an oem part
  2. very true paul,i did pay top dollar for my parts. but the parts fitted are excellent condition with all the parts firmware being updated and the very latest bmw 2015 maps installed. then had everything fitted and setup. very high price for a very high end entertainment system i love it!
  3. havent done it yet getting it done saturday. its pretty technical fitting wise basic kits about £900 fitted then £320 for the combox
  4. parts seem pretty expensive from what ive spent so far engine bays a absolute nightmare working on anythink as its rammed bumper off and headlamp out to change a sidelight bulb for example
  5. heres the cars latest update saturday im off on my travells to replace the ccc unit for cic. thats basicaly from a 6" to 8.8" dash display heres my new unit being updated you guys wanted oem! il show you the high end of bmw oem shortly,hopefully the car allready has the hifi package sub under each seat,mids n tweets in the 4 doorcards see how it all sounds when its all fitted at the weekend over the last 3 weeks the car has undergone major repair work,servicing,fault finding and some cosmetic changes along the way. new/replacement msport front bummper should arrive today going straight in for a repaint as its white. so about 2 weeks till we see that on the car 4 new dunlop sp sport 3 fitted yesterday has transformed handling no end
  6. il get some soon sam busy sorting out cosmetics atm today fitted led visor lamps,xenon white,old ones never worked anyway. fitted footwell smd lamps xenon white smoked smd indicators on order,standard look so grubby and 80s look
  7. after looking into it,im going without warranty assist. first they want my debit card and i pay up to £72 for diagnosis of faults. this could cost me a fortune doing it this way as there 100 point clause will get them out of paying in every possible senario. anyway i took car to aircon test this morning it passed so they filled it with coolant aircon works brilliantly £39.00 without reciept,BARGAIN would have been £47.00 with reciept so thats another problem off my list
  8. gonna see how good this 3 month gold warranty is banged in a claim today roof not working air con not working car over fueling according to the warranty the garage they will use will charge a diagnostic of about £70 that i pay for then a list of faults are reported to the warranty guys as is a parts and labour breakdown. if items fall under warranty then there replaced and i get the £70 refunded to me im sceptical but we shall see. cars booked in for this friday il report back asap
  9. very true sam im not finished yet. the ccc idrive system is shortly being upgraded from 6" display to 8.8",bluetooth,nav,tinternet etc etc
  10. close inspection i found the pretensioners needed replacing so i got 2 new ones and fitted them then i searched on the roll over system. theres quite a few parts involved here,so i bought the complete unit. here it is includes a new roof module its now all been fitted and the errors have been cleared no system errors now,RESULT total cost £285.00
  11. cars had a few problems since buying it airbag lights on everywhere reastraint system inactive roll over protection fault roof not working idrive/stereo faults front level sensor fault oxygen sensor fault/over fueling
  12. i know on the e36/e46 you have the em release lever. how they do it on the e88?
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