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  1. Sounds like a brill trip Sam, you'll love it in the Z4. We was gonna ride down to Barcelona for Moto GP in Catalunya but we're gonna fly now & take in Monaco also for 2 nights, £191 for flights each, this includes 3 flights !
  2. A few of my mates are going to a track day at Waddington airfield on May 11th, I'm going over also on the bike just to watch if anyone wants to meet up ?
  3. I hit 145mph in my 330cd whilst on a German trip from this forum, mind you last yr on the clock of my Gsxr 1000 it read 284kmh bit scary as the steering had a slight wobble, a few of the crowd didn't stop for fuel & I had to catch em up just outside Amsterdam lol
  4. I did my bike test 3 yrs ago now, passé 1 time & couldn't believe how easy it was, theory/mod 1/mod 2, my 1st bike was a cbr600rr 2004, I now rude a Gsxr 1000 2003, awesome transport. I have already been on a few road trips, Le Mans in 2011 & Assen in 2012, + numerous trips throughout the yrs. If you have thought about it just go & do it, I wished I'd done it yrs ago.
  5. Nothing here in Rugby yet, mind you it did come down yesterday morning in Shropshire !
  6. Highlight for me of 2012 was being part of my son Luke racing in Thundersport, we did quite a few tracks, he had 100% stats for crashing at every track lol we built the bike back up every time & he went back racing. What a great bunch of guys racing, mind you my heart was in my mouth at every start OMG the 1st corner lol
  7. Just give the car a good clean, done the Mrs Toyota IQ also, in & out, all happy again.
  8. 400mpg I need 1 of these motors in my life lol
  9. I had Led's in my old BM, mine also used to stop on for a minute or so, you just get use to it.
  10. You will love the diesel power, awesome ! Shouldn't be too hard to find a 320cd, sounds about the right price. I loved my coupe, which is probably why I purchased another coupe, mind you it's not BMW lol
  11. I would have a 320cd myself but look at petrol prices against diesel ' work it out, price of the car to change you will find not much difference overall ?
  12. Hi you got a contact number? I like to discuss about remapping

  13. How about PEN15 I'm sure this is Steve Parish's Merc, saw this last yr at Silverstone !
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