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  1. Thank you for that mate. On setting one it worked.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's what i tried however i may have turned to position two. I'll try again.
  3. I had a look and couldnt see anything. I tried to hold the trip reset as per a youtube guide and get the "test" screen but no reset option.
  4. Looking for some help if poss guys. I've just had my 2001 330CI serviced but the inspection warning has not been reset. Is there any easy way to do this manually or does it need to be done on a computer via the OBD?
  5. No i not loosing the weights. Bumps in the road would knock them out of balance. They must be a little soft. They ended up with a fair bit of weight on.
  6. Any details on the small F pipe? lol! I could do with 4mpg more..lol
  7. I had some CH reps on my Bora from BM autosport. They looked great. I did find that i had to balance them often though.
  8. I read a couple of words and gave up. http://www.collinsdictionary.com/
  9. My passenger seat has got worse to the point i need to get it sorted. Has anyone else had this issue and is it repairable? I'm really not sure where to look and what it'd cost me? I'd be looking for somewhere in the South West ideally.
  10. Yes matey. 200sx and plenty of friends play around with their VW's..I used to have a Bora with 9J ET18 wheels on the rear too..haha
  11. If you were to sell what would you want for it? PM if you like so people dont see you as breaking the rules. (its my fault sorry)
  12. I bloody love that. Good skills! Want a 330? lol
  13. What's the ideal off set for the rear of a BMW for a flush look when lowered? On a 9j move or there abouts. Et35 is still pretty high.
  14. Ah these are 245/35's too so will prob rub then.
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