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  1. That's very difficult to answer. Can you provide more details? Unfortunately BMW AG removed the website which had the workshop repair manuals so I can't link you to detailed diagrams. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Sedan/Europe/320d-M47/R-N/jul2000/browse/engine/oil_pan_oil_level_indicator/
  2. Glad I could help. I have an eagle eye hence nothing gets past me, haha. You owe me a few beers - shame I don't drink though!
  3. Always best to trial fit things now as parts are generally lower quality i.e. difference in casting of the eBay caliper compared to ATE / BMW. The smallest/simplest jobs end up taking the most time. There's always a screw/bolt that never wants to budge etc. Update the thread with the outcome. Yeah, I agree to an extent but newer parts (especially in this day and age) can fail prematurely.
  4. This is a prime example of why I avoid eBay . Email them the image I posted. I would have trial fitted the calipers first before painting but I guess you could respray them silver and send them back.
  5. All the info you're asking for is in my first reply. Here, I've done this to show you what the issue is:
  6. The old calipers were the correct ones that came fitted on a 330. The new caliper must be the issue, that's why I asked what markings it has on it. Part numbers are in my first reply.
  7. Strange. What are the markings on the new caliper? I would say they have sent you the wrong caliper. The 42/22 refers to the piston. Part numbers 34216765883 and 34216765884 were fitted to E46 325/330 and E83 X3 2.0/2.5/3.0.
  8. Mishimoto: https://www.amazon.com/Mishimoto-MMRT-E46-99E-Vehicles-Expansion-1999-2006/dp/B01A7GQHTO Just a warning though - their products are crap, IMO.
  9. Do you work for Skynet? Is that how/why you're able to travel back to 2013 and ''help'' the OP with his assignment?
  10. Thanks for sparing my life. £600 for tax, ouch. I would definitely SORN it with winter approaching + second lockdown. ATE are OE supplier to BMW. Does yours have the CSL discs?
  11. If you bought aftermarket sensors then that's probably the reason why you're having issues as they're hit and miss. If not, do you have access to INPA? I posted this in another thread.... You need to check the live data PDC clearences in INPA. See if they track an object as you move it closer/away from the sensors. If they are showing an object, even if there isn't anything there, it won't log them as faulty. Start with nothing behind the car and watch the data for any changes. Then place an object behind the car and see if it tracks the object, moving closer to the car each time. You could also try spraying them with WD40.
  12. Another great and fun way to earn a lot of money is doing porn but you don't see me advertising my services on car forums.
  13. I have you fooled - I'm in the upper echelon of spammers. Apologies, Your Lordship. It won't happen again, I promise thee. Good to hear. Keep it mate, it's an appreciating modern classic. The E85/6 chassis didn't have the subframe issues, did it? One thing less to worry about compared to the '46 M3. I'm a considerate spammer but sometimes I can't help myself and flood the board.
  14. Bonjour Sam, où étais-tu? Comment ça va? You can also ban specific IP numbers to stop the spambots. How's the Z4MC?
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