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  1. Sounds ok to me? As above, I would avoid the N46. It was plagued with problems.
  2. You tell us? What's this at the top of the page?
  3. So the same as the guys south of the border. That's ''dope''. Salute to all 46 owners in Canada.
  4. Welcome. I know a few people in Mississauga, Brampton and London. Is the E46 popular in Canada? I know you guys are into JDM cars as you didn't have the 25-years-old rule like the US. You're a decade ahead, haha.
  5. Fair enough but I'll ask again, are you a racing driver? Do you understand aerodynamics/fluid mechanics? You need to be doing silly speeds to generate downforce and let's face it, downforce or not, given our crappy roads and speed limits, you won't notice a thing.
  6. Can I ask, why do you need to know? Do you do trackdays / are you a racing driver? If I was wanting to know the information you asked for, I would've contacted BMW AG 15 years ago when that info would've been more forthcoming. Internet forums wouldn't even be on my radar of places to ask that type of question as people are more likely to post b******t than actual facts. If you had found a forum post stating the CS has 20 points of extra downforce from the rear wing alone, would you have believed it and slept easier at night? Do we believe BMW put in extra hours in the wind tunnel and CFD simulations to improve the lap times of a humble 330? That would mean a serious amount of R&D. They would have to consider Bernoulli's Principle; boundary layers, laminar flow, turbulent flow, vortices, coanda effect, air separation etc etc. If we assume the front splitters add downforce, why did the skirts remain unchanged? Rear 'diffuser' also remained the same. The front is where the air is controlled from and affects the entire car. Just an example, canards can be 'considered' to create vortices to produce a barrier along the side of a car and can stop high pressure air entering low pressure zones such as the underbody = more downforce. Ask BMW AG about the drag coefficient of all 3 Series coupes (including M3 and CSL variants) and lap times for the stock 330Ci and Clubsport. If they give you this info we can have another chat p.s. ''lift'' can be positive and negative
  7. Yes, NSR speed sensor controls the speedometer. As for the fuel smell in the car, what work have you done on the car? I ask because you may have disturbed something / left something loose. Any fault codes present? Have spark plugs been replaced fairly recently as they can work themselves loose? Could also be an injector O-ring. On your HVAC control panel set the air to recirculate instead of fresh air entering the cabin. If you can smell fuel with the vents set to recirculate, check around your fuel pump and level sensor (underneath rear seats). Then set it back to fresh air again and see (smell) if the fuel vapours start entering the cabin again. This will help you narrow down the list of possible causes.
  8. You can still buy them from BMW. Roughly $27: https://shop.bmw.co.uk/bmw-uk/en_GB/p/genuine-bmw-parts/all-categories/equipment-parts/710470-additional-tool-kit/warning-triangle-with-container/PID_1118/
  9. Do you have a multimeter/voltmeter? Check the voltage. A fully charged battery will be 12.6V and with the engine running, anywhere from 13.7 to14.7, which shows the alternator is doing its job. Yours sounds like it could be an earthing issue. Also check the hedgehog (heater motor resistor aka FSR) - a faulty one can drain the battery.
  10. Your kit is complete. Usually the lug nut key goes in the missing space but you said you don't have wheel locks. Coupés and sedans (EU) have the warning triangle in the left side of the trunk. The pic momo posted shows the stock kit. BMW didn't include the spark plug and wheel alignment pin tools for the E46.
  11. The Chinese ones for £10 might be worth a punt? Not much to lose.
  12. No experience with aftermarket modules but I'm sure you can find OE ones on the Bay of E or contact Quarry Motors (BMW breaker).
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