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  1. I'd ignore them all. Every Tom, D!ck and Harry seems to think E46s are worthless but if you look at the market they're still selling for strong money. An '02 Clubsport with 17k miles sold for £15k. A 330i Sport I was interested in buying (54k miles) sold for £5k. There's an '06 Imola 330Ci Sport on Autotrader up for £10.5k and it sold in 3 days. Look at the price of M3s, they've skyrocketed in the last couple of years despite the RACP (subframe) horror stories. I agree 100%. I have no desire to 'upgrade' to something newer (IMO inferior). The Clubsport I mentioned: http://www.appreciating-classics.com/car/bmw-330-clubsport/
  2. Strange. I've found people messing me around a lot more recently and they all seem to blame it on Covid. It's given them an excuse to become lazy. I'm like, do you not want my money then?!
  3. Morning matey! If you're giving it away I'll take it, haha.
  4. Schumacher


    So you can't get the seats to slide backwards and forward on the actual rails? Weird, usually they're plug and play. Make sure all cables in the loom are ok. Edited to add: seat diagrams here: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Coupe/Europe/323Ci-M52/may2000/browse/seats/ M3: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Coupe/Europe/M3-S54/browse/seats I'm pretty sure the wiring loom/harnesses are the same but check part numbers on above links.
  5. Cotton angel eyes might be your best bet then. Have a look at the difference between CCFL, SMD LED (the ugly ones) and cotton. Plenty of comparisons online.
  6. Depends on what colour temperature you want to match existing bulbs. LEDs will be brighter but I'm not a fan of the ones where individual LEDs are visible. I prefer CCFLs but there are plenty of kits available on eBay and they all do the same thing. If you're flush with cash there's the Umnitza Orion kits for around £200 or MStyle kits for half the price. https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-3-series/e46-m3/lighting-bulb-upgrades/headlights-front-end-lighting-angel-eye-upgrades/superbright-led-angel-eye-kit-for-all-e46-with-projector-except-2dr-facelift-and-all-e36.html
  7. Schumacher


    Check the wiring. Sometimes loose pins can cause this. It cannot detect the K-Bus hence it displays 'disabled'.
  8. Schumacher


    Has the throttle cable ever been replaced? Over time they become stiffer and affect drivability. Also check for air leaks by running the engine and spraying carb cleaner near hoses etc and listen for rev drop/increase.
  9. You need to check the live data PDC clearences in INPA. See if they track an object as you move it closer/away from the sensors. If they are showing an object, even if there isn't anything there, it won't log them as faulty. Start with nothing behind the car and watch the data for any changes. Then place an object behind the car and see if it tracks the object, moving closer to the car each time. You could also try spraying them with WD40.
  10. Call them. Tell them you need it ASAP so you can use your car again.
  11. /\ Ebenezer Scrooge has signed in. /\ <throws toys out of pram>
  12. 146 days til Christmas, Santa might bring you something special (if you've been good).
  13. Car enthusiasts can never have enough parts, lol.
  14. Ah sorry bud, I thought he covered it (I didn't watch the vid, d'oh). So basically, once you've removed those sections, there is a retaining clip that sits higher than the rest inside the barrel. You need to insert something like a lock pick tool through the key opening and pull the retaining clip down and towards yourself for it to release.
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