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  1. Most likely the camshaft position sensor or crank sensor. Whereabouts are you based? I'm sure we can recommend someone who can plug in diagnostics software and pinpoint your issue(s).
  2. I don't care what anyone thinks about a marque; my point is, how can you judge something based on styling alone? It's like someone saying Apple products aren't all that because they don't like the logo. Plenty of cars out there that might not win beauty contests but awesome to drive. Case in point - Fiat Coupé.
  3. If I was a car collector and had money to burn, a 330Ci would never be on my list of cars to collect. M3 CSL - yes, but a common 330 - no.
  4. So how are your comments valid if you haven't driven one? Brilliant logic! Shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
  5. https://hexagonclassics.com/cars/bmw-330ci-m-sport-coupe-auto/ What do we think? Worth it or way overpriced? (apologies if it's been posted before)
  6. Have you driven an Impreza Type-R?
  7. If you're gonna have a second car, it needs to be special to warrant paying the extra costs involved, IMO. Never been a fan of the BugEye. Should've bought a Type-R.
  8. Changed cars again? Haha. Looks great. Get rid of the Autobrite decal though.
  9. Cheers. I sold my place back in September - totally regret it but had my reasons. Property down south is just so expensive!!
  10. Haha. Not yet bud... The search continues but #1 on the list is finding a house for myself. Been up and down the country like a mad man.
  11. You never disappoint with your updates. Good work.
  12. Another new car Jay? Congrats! Have you owned this one before?
  13. Pontiac GTO. It's on again at 8pm on Weds + 2am & 7pm on Sat.
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