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  1. solve my warm starting mystery please..!

    Still having this problem unfortunately it's getting worst, I had a inspection of the boots and I can't notice anything leaking from what I can see I also did a video, I'm starting to think maybe it's an issue with the cam sensors as they are not genuine, and since they were replaced, the issue started, however it did fix the major loss of torque, and I'm getting no error codes.... Options would be greatly appreciated, I replace fuel pump and no difference many thanks https://youtu.be/_PWRDPpXpvs
  2. My 330ci :)

    Haha cheers for posting. That was me yes 😎😎 I hope I was checking out your e46 haha I do try.
  3. My 330ci :)

    Haha small world. I'm not sure the noise difference is minimal. But having it removed and welded up probably wouldn't make any more difference I guess. It was 60 quid. And last time I paid 50 for my starlets resonator to be properly removed, but it was a single pipe, I'm not sure just concerned it's leaking thru the cut he's made now as he's done a bodge job. Not very impressed as I clearly said I wanted it removed 😐
  4. My 330ci :)

    Thankyou, yes all sorted now i swapped over the rubber and the "washer" and it's all good now, the suspenion seems alot better now, i was surprised how bad they were, when i pushed them down out of the car, one didnt retract at all, and the other one is very slow, so im sure its a much needed job done. Although once i had the car jacked up, i looked under the car, to see the Garage that had done the resonator delete, hadnt actually removed it, just cut it open and cleared the insides of it i guess. he did say about cutting it open when i collected it, but i assumed he ment he actually had removed it.. i asked him to remove it and also i had a car a few years ago where we removed the resonator and welded it back together, not impressed, not sure if its worth going back or just not bothering.. ( pics below ).
  5. My 330ci :)

    ok just a new update is it just these 2 pieces here i need to swap over onto the new shock ? have circled them in red.
  6. My 330ci :)

    i'm not so sure yet haha, doing it now.. just wondering can anyone answer do i just swap these straight over i don't need to take anything from the old shock across to the new one? ( obviously still need to remove the zip tie round it....
  7. My 330ci :)

    no i agree, and they are a good price looking at others on ebay, just not sure if i should spend the 70 quid on something like poly bushes for now
  8. My 330ci :)

    Cheers have sent pm. Hopefully will be installing the shocks tomorrow :)!
  9. My 330ci :)

    They look good but 70 for all 4 corners is abit steep will have to think about it 😬
  10. My 330ci :)

    Recommend me some rear spacers please
  11. Spacers ? ( topics merged )

    hi, sorry i did try using the seach function, but i've never really been that bothered about spacers but now i am i wondered which spacers i should get for my 2001 330ci, its on standard mv1 alloys, whats the maximum mm spacers i can get without risking rubbing, and also where is best to buy them? many thanks
  12. i would say from previous experience of putting them on hatchbacks, i wouldn't recommend it, i don't think it will be very secure, and also i don't know if its similar to the one i had, but they had metal attachments, which secure on the top of the boot etc and the only way to get it secure would be to have it super tight - which once again would be more risky with your paint work etc. edit : just had a look on google images and seems quiet possible, but still wouldnt like to do it myself for that distance.
  13. Hardwire a dash cam

    Thankyou didn't have any luck finding something going directly into a fuse to go into the fuse box so have bought one of above plus a piggyback fuse 12v thing thanks like this
  14. Hardwire a dash cam

    Sorry to bump this but I'm looking what is posted in this thread. Something to hard wire my dash cam like the fuse to female 12v in this thread. Any ideas where I can get one thanks
  15. solve my warm starting mystery please..!

    Didn't want to update this and curse it but fingers crossed since I had the battery disconnected for about 20 mins for fitting a new steering wheel. The warm starting are a lot better so fingers crossed its that, cheers for help all