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  1. Thought I'd update as there is nothing worse than searching a running issues and finding a thread that is the same as your issue with no conclusion!!! Took the head off and found that I had a burnt exhaust valve on cylinder no1, had a 3mm hole in it!! I checked over the condition of the piston and cylinder bore which was suprsiingly all good. Had a look for replacement valves and tools but came across a recently refurbished complete head for not much more than the cost of valves and tools etc. New head fitted along with new headgasket etc and it runs perfectly again.
  2. Rocker cover gasket changed and engine bay now clean, the old gasket was hard and broke apart so no wonder oil was everywhere. I'm now left with this rough running issue making the car undrivable, have just done a compression test and cylinder No1 is the culprit registering around 20psi when the other cyclinders are all around 390/400psi. Did a wet test on cylinder 1 and didn't make any diferenence so either headgasket or valves?? I have no oil or water mixing. Are there any further tests I can do before starting to pull the head off?
  3. Couldn't see anything loose anywhere and the oil is sitting mostly all around the injectors/oil seperator etc on top of the cam cover, it has also sprayed down over the turbo/ac compressor etc. It's a right mess. I'm going to strip it all down to clean and wil refit with new cam cover gasket/injector seals/oil seperator etc and run it, if it doesn't cure it at least it'll be easier to see where the oil is coming from.
  4. Hi Guys, driving home the other night it started running really rough like it wasn't running on all cyclinders. I initially though an injector had gone as it's happened before on this car but after taking all the engine covers off I've found oil everywhere, would a cam cover gasket failure make the engine run really rough and spray oil everywhere? If not any other ideas? Car was running perfectly fine before hand, no water or oil being used and started on the button with no smoke. I have checked on INPA and I had no new errors other than 'engine roughness regulator '. .
  5. Just a feeler at the moment as I've got to strip the car down but I suspect I'm going to be in the market for a replacement M3 manual 6spd box, I believe I can use the smg version aswell. Anyone got one or know of one, needs to be in good working order Cheers Charlie
  6. how did you get on with these tyres Richie, the rating on these are better than some Falken's He hasn't been on here since March 2014....
  7. A few have got through with even more 'new' members waiting for validation before they hit with spam have reported them so hopefully a mod will see before they get the opportunity...
  8. Eurocarparts, GSF or BMW dependent on the part.
  9. CharlE46

    OEM xenon ballast

    You'll need to get the correct ballast otherwise it wont fit into the holder/socket assembly ie single xenon ballast wont fit bi-xenon. The common bi-xenon ballast part no ends 329 074, cheapest I've spotted is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E46-E63-Mini-One-Cooper-S-Xenon-Headlight-Ballast-Part-No-1307329074-/261896543137?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3cfa401ba1 If you get stuck you can bypass it all using a standard aftermarket HID ballast with the correct amp fitting (D2S) I've tested it and it works perfectly with no dash lights etc There are ebay bargains to be had though, I just paid £29.99 delivered for one as they'd advertised it for the plastic holder/socket!! If I spot anything else I'll give you a shout
  10. Have only ever really used Sainsbury's or Tesco's depending on the weekly shop, after reading through this thread I'm going to give some of the 'premium' brands a go to see if there is any difference in running/performance/mpg.
  11. Mine has gone through the past few MOT's with the decat pipe in place with zero issues/advisories, I don't have the original cat anymore as not worried about it. The most popular choice is Ecotune, they can provide one with a lambada boss.
  12. You can fit the sport version with the Eibach, fitment is identical just the dampening that's up-rated slightly over non sport suspension.
  13. I would have thought so as most people just fit the sportline springs on their standard oe shocks and the B4s are designed as a replacement. As long as the spring is correctly (and securely) seated in the spring pads they'l work as they should.
  14. I would have also said go with the B4's over the B6's for comfort but see you've already come to that conclusion, they'll work really well with the Eibach springs. Mine has the B12 kit fitted that has either the B6 or B8's shocks and the ride is very firm.
  15. Don't think so mate, the B6 is a much stiffer setup more suited to fast road or even track use, B8's are a shortened version for more extreme lowering. B4's are generally seen as a good alternative to standard BMW sport suspension and come highly recommended.
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