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  1. I am currently running B12 suspension and Eibach front and rear ARB's. Slightly stiffer than OEM but not as "crashy" as the M-sport suspension
  2. I've heard that E36 M3 manifolds will fit to an 330i (not sure if correct though?)
  3. Not today, but upgrades in total: - Full Supersprint System (high flow cats, centre section, and back box) - Bilstein B12 - Eibach Front and Rear ARB's - Shriek Cams - Remap In couple weeks, it will also be getting polybushed completely including subframe and diff.
  4. Hi all If any of you guys/ girls are interested, there is a PH run on Sunday 10th May starting at either Thetford, Cambridge or Stowmarket. Full details are here http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/t...Run+-+May+10th Can either message Darren from PHEA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/pis...anglia?fref=ts or give me a shout and I will add names to the PH site. Regards Josh
  5. I got an allard intercooler fitted to my 320d. Have to make sure though what size the pipe is on your current intercooler as they offer 2 different bore sizes on the intercooler (BMW changed the size at some point, so I think it could be either 51mm/54mm or 54mm/57mm). It only offers maybe 8-10bhp gain, but I have noticed it does run that little smoother.
  6. Cheers for the links guys, will be looking it these defiantly if it will save alot of money and time
  7. ^^^ This times a million!! Allard advertise it as a PNP upgrade. It clearly isn't.. So for me either they supply the parts to make it fit free of charge, OR you get the parts made up and they refund you the difference. Otherwise it'd be going back if it was me! Yep, it does advertise it as a PNP upgrade. All they said is that they have had a few problems like this before, and are looking at getting a fitment kit made which should conteract this problem. But upon speaking to them yesterday, they havent actually got anything made yet as it is still in the design stage. Ill try and get some pics tommorow get some posted.
  8. The inlet/ outlets of the cooler are 57mm and the original pipework is 51mm. I`m not sure, we could do.
  9. Well I spoke to Allard again today. They have got to review the design of the new fitment kit for the intercooler so am unsure of when it will go into production therefore unsure of how long it will take to get parts. I have found 2 "universal" kits on eBay that could be fitted with some adjustments: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-5-BMW-E28-E30-E36-E46-E60-M3-M5-ALPINE-MTECH-FRONT-MOUNT-INTERCOOLER-PIPE-KIT-/150942954932?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Plat_Gen%3AE46%7CCars+Type%3A320d&hash=item2324e6b5b4 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E28-E30-E36-E46-E60-M3-M5-ALPINE-2-TURBO-FRONT-MOUNT-INTERCOOLER-PIPE-KIT-/150943549393?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item2324efc7d1
  10. Hi Guys No, I`m not entirely bothered about the price. I want it to be as reliable as possible, without the risk of pipes blowing off or splitting. Once of heard back from Allard this morning regarding the fitting kit, I will report back with what they say and where/ how to progress from there. @simonlpearce - normal boost pressure I believe is 10psi, and I think it is running 12/13 psi atm.
  11. Hi Bungers The intercooler does fit the car, its that the original boost pipes on the car do not fit the intercooler as the bore size is different. I have spoke to Allard, and they have had this occur a number of times now. They have said that there has been a couple of cases where the bore size of the original pipework can be either 51mm or 54mm. The 54mm is just big enough to fit the new intercooler but the 51mm bore pipe will not. They have recently developed a new set of pipes which should fit. Hi Ian Cheers for the link, will look through and forward to the garage today to see what they say about the getting alloy pipes instead of silicone.
  12. Hi all I`ve had a allard intercooler fitted to my E46 320d, however the original boost pipes do not fit the intercooler inlet/ outlet ports due to the original pipes being too small a bore and sfs performance do not supply a direct fit silicone boost pipe set. They would have to make a set of silicone boost pipes, but due to the length required they would have to be a custom build. They have expressed concern that due to this length, it may cause swelling of the pipe and possibly burst due to the boost pressure. Is there a hard boost pipe supplier that I can get in contact with that will supply pipes? Cheers
  13. Cheers for the reply simon I have spoken to the place where got it mapped and he said he could tweek the map to compensate for the new intercooler. These are the intercoolers I have found so far http://www.allardaluminiumproducts.co.uk/air-systems/intercoolers/allard-bmw-320d-e46-intercooler.html http://www.autospecialists.co.uk/AIRTEC-Intercooler-upgrade-for-E46-320D---330D-Product-1130.html
  14. Hi all I have a an E46 320d 150bhp which has been remapped and de-cat down pipe. Would I see much benefit from an uprated intercooler? Cheers
  15. Hi all I have got a E46 04 320d SE 150bhp 6 speed and want to get a full set of powerflex polybushes. However, I'm unsure at what sizes of front anti-roll bar bushes & rear roll bar mounting bushes I require. Can anybody shed some light onto what sizes would be required? Cheers
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