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  1. I saw a Blackvue power supply that plugs into the OBD port, and includes a voltage cut-off. Does the E46 have OBD2, with CAN bus, or is it too early for that? Seems like the simplest way to power it in parking mode for £20.
  2. Guys, Can anyone tell me the right camber/caster/toe settings for an ‘02 330i Sport saloon? I had the front wishbones/bushes and 4 springs fitted (all factory spec). Took it to KwikFit for 4 wheel alignment and they gave me a data sheet with the old and new settings - perhaps not surprisingly a big difference. However, they got the settings from their own database and the sheet heading just says “BMW E46 1998-2006 COUPE 18” wheel” Mines a saloon, not a coupe. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there any advantage in doing what you did, over using 2 piggy-back fuses for switched and permanent live feeds?
  4. Guys, E46, 330i Sport 2002. This morning on turning the key, there was just a rapid clicking noise, but no starter motor. I assumed it was a dead battery, and bump started it with no issue. After running for a while, it started again a couple of times with no hesitation. When I've had dead batteries in the past, I've just had one click from the solenoid on turning the key, is the rapid clicking normal with E46's? Thanks!
  5. Yes, I could do that, and also piggy-back the reversing light fuse for the ign. switched feed I guess?
  6. Thanks very much - I'll look into the rain sensor idea, but I don't think it will work for me, because in parking mode I need a permanent live, and a place for the regulator box.
  7. I don't think there's any issue at all with just changing the brand of part, it's when the specification changes from "standard" that the issue arises. For example, the Eibach springs (and most other 'sports' kits) specify a lowering dimension from standard; that's going to be the issue.
  8. Guys, I’m hard wiring a dashcam into my 330i; which are the best fuses to piggy-back for a constant (ign off) +ve feed and a switched (ign on) +ve feed? I’ve heard that some dashcams can be damaged if either feed cuts out temporarily during engine starting. Also, is there a convenient earth point within the fuse box area? Thanks in advance.
  9. I once fitted a stainless manifold to my old Honda Prelude - like-for-like swap, zero performance increase, just a different material. The main reason I bought it was that the old one had cracked, and the stainless version was several times cheaper than an original Honda mild steel version. I mentioned it on renewal and they nearly had a fit. At first they said they couldn't insure me at all, but after a load of hassle they eventually accepted it, but with a premium increase due to it now being a modified car. Never again. It's easy to assume 'nobody will notice', but the potential penalties are really quite severe if you're unlucky, and someone cares to look into it. For me it's not worth it, but each to their own!
  10. Correct on both counts. For me, it's not worth the risk of - technically - driving without insurance, or the hassle/cost of declaring a modification. It's easy to say "the difference is irrelevant", but if the worst came to the worst, I very much doubt that's how a court would view it. .
  11. Thanks for the information MOMO, the issue with the Eibach springs/insurance isn't the colour, its the "Eibach" and part number printed on them! Cheers.
  12. Thanks guys. Problem is, Euro Car Parts are no longer listing front springs for "vehicles with sports suspension". I can't find any anywhere else, and don't know the original part numbers, so EBay would be a risk. Any ideas where I can get a full set of decent quality springs for an E46 330i Sport? BTW I don't want to lower the car, or to 'modify' it becasue of insurance issues, plus the roads around here feel bad enough already! Cheers!
  13. The springs on my car are pretty tired, one of the rears may be broken. I want to get a replacement set, but which makes are the best? I want standard specification, although according to Euro Car Parts there are "standard" and "sports suspension" versions for my reg. number. Any ideas as to which one is factory spec for my car? Do I need new spring seats front and rear when replacing them? It's a 4 door, 330i Sport (2002). Thanks in advance.
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