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  1. I’ve not considered the alternator. Strange you should mention it though. My wife’s old Civic SRS light came on. Couldn’t get a code out of it, so took it to several ‘specialists’, who told me the airbag control unit ‘might’ fried, and since no spares are available, it was best to scrap the car since it’s an MOT fail, and obviously a safety issue. As a last resort, took it to an old school auto electrician. He had it 2 weeks looking at it as and when he had time. He eventually diagnosed an alternator issue (regulator burned out) which caused over-voltage, which in turn tripped the SRS light. New alternator, and it’s been perfect ever since. Thanks for the idea - Is there an easy way of checking? Battery voltage when running?
  2. Yes I read the thread below mine - in fact it’s my thread! The engine light is annoying rather than critical (I hope!) If it causes significant engine damage I’ll get another car and be done with it - it doesn’t owe me anything. It was more the light going out again that I thought was odd. Cruise control - again it’s scary when doing 70 in a line of traffic on the motorway, but I can live with it.
  3. '02 E46 330i Sport, 152,000 miles All, 1) I've been having issues with the engine light coming on, usually on a long run of several hundred miles. It's always a lean mixture error. Tried a few things to fix it to no avail. I bought a cheap OBD reader to reset it, since it's never a problem for the vast majority of the year - only long motorway trips for holidays. Last week it came on, and I left it on so that the local indy could read it (again) and to see if he had any other ideas. Today, on the motorway, the light went out. It's not the bulb that's gone, because it illuminates with the ignition. I thought the light would latch "on" until it was reset? Why would it suddenly go out? 2) On the aforementioned holiday trip, the cruise control suddenly tripped out. Luckily pressing the accelerator avoided any disasters. Resetting it worked for a while, then it tripped again. Reset again, and it's been fine ever since (about a week). Any ideas? I've also in the past had an issue where the radio volume randomly went up to maximum - which was extremely scary. I'm wondering if this and the cruise control issue might be somehow related to the controls being on the steering wheel - and some kind of rotary contact intermittently failing? Any thoughts on the above much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. When I got the codes read at the Indy garage, he has a BMW specific reader, but it didn’t give any more specific info other than Bank 1 or 2 fuel trim lean. It didn’t mention a sensor. In the past the same reader did indicate a lambda sensor issue, which was fixed.
  5. All, 2002 E46 330i Sport, 150k miles. I've got an issue that's been around a few years. On the way home from a 600 mile round trip (motorway), the engine light came on. I took it to my local indy, and it was a "P0174 System too lean Bank 2" error. With no obvious culprit (air leaks etc), the code was reset, and it was fine for another 12 months. Then exactly the same thing - same 300 mile motorway trip on holiday, and at exactly the same point on the return journey, the light came on. Same error. It was reset again, and as before, with local driving, and a commute of part motorway, part a roads, it was fine for 6 months, until the next 180 mile motorway trip. On the return leg, engine light on again, same code. Reset, fine again for local driving and commute, then happened again last week on the return leg of a 135 mile motorway trip. At this point I bought myself an OBD2 reader to reset the thing myself. Checked it just now, and there were two errors: "P0171 System too lean Bank 1" & "P0174 System too lean Bank 2" . Cleared the code, and went for a run. Checked again, and there's another "P0174 System too lean Bank 2" error (but no engine light). I did do a induction system smoke test last week, (air pump & cigar - which was very effective), but couldn't find any sign of a leak. The entire rubber parts of the induction system have been replaced last year, and also the breather hose and fuel regulator breather pipe (fits to the "F" shaped adapter near to the mass flow meter). Indy didn't think it was an induction leak, becasue when he checked it was only Bank 2. Now it's both Banks, seems like it could be a slight mismatch between sensitivity of sensors? But no idea where to look next for the casue. Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance.
  6. Hmmm don’t know then. Brakes are fine, light sometimes goes off, but is usually on.
  7. All, E46 330i Sport, 2002, 147k miles. Pad warning light came on the other day. I looked at all the pads, and the rears looked a bit iffy, so I bought a new axle set and a new sensor. Removed the pads to find the sensor untouched, and the pads maybe only 2/3 worn. Replaced everything anyway. Checked the fronts and they are all fine. Also checked the front sensor and plug connection - all looked sound. Reset the warning light, but after about 100 yards, the lights on again. Any ideas? Replace the front sensor as a precaution? Are the sensors two copper wires that make a circuit with the disc when the plastic moulding wears off, or are they a magnetic proximity sensor? cheers!
  8. Guys, 330i Sport E46, 2002, with the three button key - unlock, lock and boot release. Today my key fob remote lock stopped working. I messed about with it in the car, and got it to lock, then it wouldn't unlock. I think the battery may be dead. I've heard something about re-setting or re-binding with the car, and there's a procedure somewhere, but I've only got one key, and I think if I mess up, I won't be able to do anything with the car, especially if it's the battery. So what's the best course of action - buy a new key, but from where? Then I guess there's the binding procedure, and that should sort it? Any advice very welcome as always. Cheers!
  9. Thanks. It's a tiny tube, and on the atmosphere side of the throttle, so very low vacuum.
  10. Thanks. If I put my reg. into Opie Oils, it comes out with mostly automatic fluids ?
  11. '02 330i Sport. Guys, Yesterday I replaced the rubber intake ducts and F-elbow. The smaller vacuum pipe from the F-elbow felt a bit loose, and sure enough when I gently pulled on it, it wasn't connected at the other end, just had the remains of a perished connector sleeve. I found where it connected under the car by moving the end around until I found the fuel filter behind a cover, again with the remains of a connector on it. What is the purpose of this pipe? Would a vacuum leak at that point in the induction system have had any effect on performance or economy? Thanks.
  12. Guys, I've currenty got the car on stands for a wheel re-furb. Seems a good opportunity to change the gearbox oil. What do people recommend? It's the 5-speed manual box. Always felt a bit rubbish, but I think that's just how they are. Also, is it worth changing the rear axle oil, and again if so, what's recommended? Thanks!
  13. The re-furbers won't take them I already asked that.
  14. OK I think I'll get them online and get the re-furbers to fit them. Presumably they are left and right-handed tyres? Cheers!
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