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  1. Fixed mine. While checking for boost leaks it turned out the actuator arm had come off.
  2. Driving home absolutely fine then sudden power loss and can't rev past 2k. No engine light, idle is fine, no smoke.... help!
  3. Does anybody know what sachs part numbers I need to be looking at for m sport front and rear shocks. Thanks in advance.
  4. That front lip looks perfect!
  5. Got 4 goodridge brake hose's coming in the post. Hopefully get them fitted this weekend.
  6. Getting a slight grumble from the flywheel/clutch now @83k miles. Going to get that sorted asap.
  7. Looking to fit a H.I.D kit now the nights are drawing in and standard lights are rubbish! Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Just put my reg in to this site and the amount seems very low?
  9. Right im back. Stuggled getting signed back in for months but im here. Been busy while away. Done front and rear discs and pads. Meyle hd wishbones. Meyle hd front drop links. Lemforder front roll bar bushes. Lemforder full steering arms both sides. Had a while alignment done today and here are the results. Not sure if I'm 100% convinced it's been done correct.
  10. Checked all folders and wasn't there. Been trying past few days now just to be sure before I posted.
  11. Evening guys. Forgot my password and don't get the email sent to me to reset it. Any pointers Thanks
  12. Picture was confusing, that email was direct from meyle. B&B was who they were recommending. Thanks for the help mate, have gone for the HD's.
  13. just had this email back from meyle.
  14. Thanks So no difference in arm shape/length ball joint angle?
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